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Tips to Keep You Financially Safe When Traveling Abroad

There are different ways people deal with money around the world. For instance, there are places that usually relies on cash. Countries that are not quite progressive don’t have a lot of transactions where cards are accepted. The same thing is true for island countries. Determining whether you are to bring cash or card is

Important Advice When Traveling in the Age of Trump

Given Trump’s recent executive order banning citizens coming from 7 Muslim-majority countries, chaos can be seen around US major airports. Although it was recently halted by a federal jump and an appeals court judge has denied the appeal, it might still go up to the Supreme Court, and potentially be reinstated. This has just made

Visiting the United States Under President Trump’s Rule

So, the unthinkable happened. After years of bickering from the left and right, Donald Trump emerged victorious and was elected president of the United States. Despite the racism, xenophobia and bigotry that he has spewed during the campaign, he still won the most electoral college votes and will take office as the next president in