Interesting Border Places to Visit

Border Places

Visiting borders between countries should be a part of your bucket list. It’s a unique experience that will make you love traveling even more. These border towns are a microcosm of each country. You will also find something fascinating in every area. Here are some that are worth visiting.

Chile-Argentina border

Do you know what borders these two countries? The Andes Mountains. If you’re willing to see this landscape in its full glory, this is a trip to consider. Once you take the road that separates these two countries, you will witness endless rolling green hills. During the winter, you will see snow-covered hills. Either way, you will be amazed at what the gigantic border has to offer.

Mongolia-China border

The Trans-Mongolian railway runs between these two countries. Take this train if you want to visit the twin border towns of Zamyn-Uud and Erenhot. Unlike the other borders of China, this one is relatively peaceful. The movement among passengers to and from the countries is a regular process. The most interesting part is the difference in the tracks between Mongolia and China. You will see the carriages lifted up and the wheels removed before affixing another to ensure it can continue driving towards the destination.

Zimbabwe-Zambia border

These two countries are separated by the Victoria Falls. The best way to see this glorious creation is by crossing the bridge from the Zimbabwean side. This crossing is also known as the “Smokes and Thunders.” Imagine seeing the water gush from the top to the bottom at a fast speed. The water levels are best seen from February to June.

Netherlands-Belgium border

These two countries share a unique border, and unlike the tension-filled borders in many countries, they’re friendly. The Baarle-Nassau on the Netherlands’ side and the Baarle-Hertog on the Belgium’s side are the small towns along the border. The country is weirdly divided, so there are pockets of land that are located on one side and the dividing lines are uneven. You can be traveling across countries by just walking the same area. The good thing is there’s no issue in moving back and forth.

Thailand-Malaysia border

Thailand-Malaysia border

This border is definitely worth seeing since you will witness the friendship between the countries. While its history isn’t always pleasant, these days, it’s all about business. You will see vendors on each side selling their country’s crafts and delicacies. There are also multiple border crossings available- each one has markets to choose from. Others are even duty-free. Hence, you can get various items at a reasonable cost. Try the Pedang Besar border, which can be accessed by a train. You will also notice the differences between these two countries and understand their unique cultures within a short span of train movement. Most stores on either side will also accept either the Baht (Thailand) or Ringgit (Malaysia).

These are only some of the most interesting border places you should visit. Of course, borders are always an area of contentions. Hence, you must be cautious when planning one and avoid places where tension is high.

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