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Is It Safe to Travel Amid This Pandemic?

The spread of the corona virus placed everything on hold. In various parts of the world, people were ordered to go on a lockdown or social distancing. The reason is that when people stay at home, there’s a smaller chance of contracting the virus. When the virus doesn’t have a human host, it won’t spread.

Making Friends When Traveling Abroad is Possible

It’s understandable if you don’t like making friends when you’re in another country. You can barely make friends back home. It’s even worse when you’re somewhere else. You also remember what your parents have always told you which is to avoid talking to strangers. Since most of the people you meet in this journey are

Things You Need to Remember Before Visiting Cambodia

There’s no doubt that Cambodia is one of the most under-appreciated countries in Southeast Asia. It’s home to the Angkor Wat, and also features some of the most breathtaking sceneries. Therefore, if you intend to discover other countries in the region apart from the famous Thailand, you can consider going to Cambodia. Before doing so,