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5 Ways to Always Feel Motivated to Travel

There are times when you are in the mood to travel, but in other instances, you lose the urge to do so. You think of the cost and you are already feeling down. You also think of the time left to prepare and you are discouraged as there is not enough left. Before you lose

Navigating Around the Legendary Shaolin Temple

Part of UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, the Shaolin Temple is said to be the Number One Temple under Heaven. Considered to be the cradle of Shaolin martial arts and Zen Buddhism, the Shaolin Temple is indeed the epitome of heaven on earth. What to See R&R One of the main things to

Top 6 Places for Martial Arts Aficionados to Visit

The basic human need to survive has emerged into the development of various types of fighting methods and styles as seen throughout history. One of the most popular types of fighting styles that has emerged throughout history would be martial arts. Due to culture and history, some countries have emerged to excel in certain kinds