A Few Tips if You Plan to Visit Disneyland Soon


You can’t wait for your trip to Disneyland to happen. Your kids have also waited for months for you take them to Disneyland. Before you get too excited, there are a few things you should consider to avoid frustrations. Your trip might not go as planned and it will prevent you from having fun.

Purchase passes that will let you cut the line

Purchase passes that will let you cut the line

Some people decide against buying a pass that lets them get into all the available rides. It’s more expensive, and they don’t intend to use all the rides anyway. However, you’re not just buying this pass for the rides. You’re also doing it to cut the lines. You might notice there will be two lines once you enter each ride. One line is for regular passes and the other one is for special passes. Don’t hesitate to spend a lot on these premium passes if it means you can get it as quickly as possible. You’re only going to spend a day at this theme park and you’ve waited for months for it to happen. You don’t want to waste it because you’ve spent hours queuing up.

You can bring food

You might think food isn’t allowed inside Disneyland, but it is. Alcoholic beverages aren’t allowed, but you can bring your own food. When your children have specific dietary needs, it’s a good thing. However, Disneyland offers tons of options when it comes to food. You can also find buffet restaurants at a reasonable price. The only reason for bringing your own food is if you don’t want to spend more after spending a lot on the passes.

There’s a long line before you can get in

Be prepared for having long lines before you get in the theme park. It can be terribly long at times for security reasons. The place is filled with children and the security personnel can’t have flaws. Waiting for a few minutes to get in while your bags are checked is a small sacrifice to make to ensure everyone’s safety.

Stay at the hotels

Disneyland has hotels available for you to book. If you want to be nearby, get a room in one of these hotels. Another benefit is you can get in the theme park at 7am. It’s an hour before it opens. You can enjoy the rides while others are still outside waiting for the place to open.

It’s always packed

Be prepared to see people all the time when you’re inside. The number might have dropped because of the pandemic, but it’s now back to regular operations. You have no choice since the theme park can accommodate thousands of people at once. Prepare yourself to bump into people or wait for a few minutes before enjoying a ride.

Hopefully, your trip will go as planned. It might take time before you get another chance. You can’t let it go to waste. Plan ahead and determine which rides to prioritize.

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