Are Concerts and Music Festivals Still Possible in the Future?

Concerts and Music Festivals

Nothing compares to the joy you get from attending concerts and music festivals. Seeing your favorite performers rocking it on stage is a delight. Singing with them if you know all their songs is even better. Unfortunately, concerts and other forms of mass gathering are currently unavailable. Due to the potential spread of the virus, governments have banned the congregation of many people in one place. Even sporting events are virtually inexistent right now.

We have to understand that it’s s impossible to do these things right now due to local transmissions in various places. We need to allow the experts to figure out how to fight this virus and control the transmissions. 

The problem is that there seems to be no clear end in sight. Even in places where viral transmissions have been controlled, mass gatherings are still banned. The worst part is that in countries that started opening up like South Korea, there was resurgence due to people having close contacts in pubs. This reality begs the question. Are we ever going to see concerts again? Is it possible to travel to places and witness a music festival? 

The new normal

The new normal

In the immediate future, there might be some concerts, but only in small venues. Social distancing will be observed by letting people sit apart. The number of people allowed inside the venue will also be limited. It means that concert tickets could be higher to compensate for the lack of concertgoers. 

Concerts where people sit and listen might also be the only types of concerts available soon. Rock concerts where people dance and sing with the performers might not be possible. Coming close to the artists for photo-ops or a handshake might not happen too. 

The future is unpredictable 

As for the possibility of concerts we used to know happening again, it remains a question. No one can predict if we will ever see those events again. Unless vaccines and treatments for the disease are available, we might have to wait and see if packed concerts would be allowed. The same applies for venues where people congregate such as pubs. It might be sad that we have to face this situation, but we can’t take the risk. 

Be optimistic 

Given what’s happening now, it might be difficult to stay positive. People die and infections are still happening. Despite these sad realities, there’s reason to be optimistic. We have been through pandemics and crises over the years, but we managed to survive. It might seem terrible right now because we have never seen anything this massive in modern history. 

When things get back to where they were, we will see performers back on stage. You can scream like a real fan again. You can also travel across cities and countries to watch music festivals of all sorts. You will also be reunited with other people who also love these events just like you. It could take a while, but we will get there. 

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