Essential Tips for Stress-free, Fun-filled Hiking Trip

Hiking Trip

Hiking is a fun physical activity. It allows you to connect with nature and appreciate the environment even more. Just don’t forget that it also comes with some risks. You could get lost, injured, poisoned or attacked by wild animals along the way. It is important that you prepare well for this trip to avoid facing any of these problems. Here are some useful tips to remember.

Wear the right outfit

You can’t just start hiking if you are not equipped to take on the challenge. It would just feel awkward and totally uncomfortable. You should wear boots or even gloves if possible. You must wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Sunscreen is also advised to avoid getting sunburned. If you easily get allergies, you should wear insect repellant or just wear long-sleeved clothes. The other equipment you needs depends on the type of path you are taking. You need to know exactly how challenging the trail is before doing anything.

Just stick with the path

Hiking Trip with a stick

If you were given a plan on which path to take, just take it. Don’t try rerouting along the way. Don’t look for shortcuts. Follow the signs and marks placed by those who have followed the trail before. They know best as they have experienced traveling the same path. You will just end up getting lost if you keep pushing to do things your way.

Get a tour guide

If it is your first time hiking in the said area and no one in your group is an experienced hiker, it helps if you hire a guide to help you out. Your guide will help you avoid getting lost. He probably knows the safest route. He also has experience in fighting off wild animals or what needs to be done in the event of a disaster. Take note that as you go deeper into the wild, you won’t have internet to rely on for help. Your phone won’t even have a signal to make calls.

Be very careful

Just because everything looks flat on the map does not mean it is the same in reality. You might face steep paths along the way. There are places where the path seems shallow when in fact it is too deep. There could also be sudden height changes. Therefore, you need to be slow and steady when walking. Clear the path if you are uncertain. If the terrain is really steep, perhaps you should just shorten your plan.

Be physically prepared

Hiking is a challenge. You might think it is easy, but just a few steps in, you might already be too sweaty. Therefore, you need to stay healthy. Exercise before your hiking adventure. Take short walks in the park. Make sure you can take on an even bigger challenge. Focus on cardio and breathing exercises.

Going back safely after a long hike is satisfying. After going through a lot of challenges along the way, you have finally managed to come back alive and safe. This will only happen if you have fully prepared for it.

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