How to Avoid Having Breakouts While Traveling

Avoid Breakouts

You might be among the people who experience acne breakouts while traveling. You want to look good for the photos, but you end up having to deal with these skin problems. On your next trip, you should remember these important tips so you won’t have to worry about having terrible skin.

Don’t sleep late

Sleeping late may cause breakouts. Make sure you get enough rest during your trip. Avoid partying late at night. Manage your schedule well so you won’t have a lot to do in the evening. If you have late flights, you should rest in the morning. Not getting enough sleep could cause potential breakouts, but time management is the key.

Bring your skin care products

It doesn’t matter how long or short your trip is. You need to bring skin care products with you. It’s crucial to moisturize to avoid breakouts. You also have to cleanse your skin after being exposed to dust and dirt wherever you go. If you worry about guidelines on the amount of liquid you can bring on a plane, you can transfer these products on smaller containers. Seal them properly to avoid spillage.

Avoid touching your skin

You touch various surfaces during the trip. The last thing you should do is to directly touch your skin. Wash your hands with soap and water first. If you can’t do it, you should have a sanitizer. It kills bacteria and viruses present in your hand. During this pandemic, regular handwashing is even more important.

Regularly wash your skin

Regularly wash your skin

Whenever you have a chance, you should wash your skin. You don’t need to use cleansing products containing chemicals all the time. Clean water is already enough. Tap your face with a clean towel after washing to remove excess oil and dirt. If you’re visiting places without immediate access to clean water for washing your face, you can use wet wipes. Make sure they don’t contain too much alcohol that could irritate your skin. Washing your face is even more important after a flight.

Don’t panic

Acne breakouts could also be due to stress. When you see some zits, you should relax. They won’t necessarily spread all over your face. Wash your face and rest. They might be gone when you wake up. Traveling can be stressful, and it manifests through these breakouts. You should also ask for help in dealing with travel details so you won’t have to feel stressed all the time.

See your dermatologist upon return

If you experienced serious skin issues during the trip, you have to see your doctor. It could be due to the environment that you visited. The doctor might recommend medications to prevent the problem from getting worse. You need to know what could have caused the problem so you can be more careful on your next trip.

Don’t forget to bring accessories that could help cover parts of your face. You don’t want these skin problems to ruin your travel photos.

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