How to Follow Your Itinerary to the Dot


If you’re an organized person, you definitely have an itinerary when traveling. You want to have a guide to visit all the exciting destinations. Besides, you only have a few days to travel and you want to see as many places as possible. Some people don’t mind straying away from their itinerary. However, if you want to follow every detail to the dot, consider these tips.

Be realistic

Before you create the schedule, make sure you research. You need to know if it is feasible to visit all your desired locations within a given time. You also need to check the local transportation options. It also helps if you schedule a trip to destinations located within the same area. It prevents you from wasting your time. Don’t force yourself to visit too many places during that trip if you’re out of time.

Tie your itinerary with your budget

Your budget must be tied up with your schedule. The expenses will keep on growing as you desire to visit more places. You might have to cut some of your plans if you think it’s too much. You can’t drown in debt because of this trip, especially if you desire to visit other places in the future.

Avoid peak seasons

Avoid peak seasons

When you travel during peak seasons, expect a crowd. Roads will see heavy traffic all the time. You might also have to spend more. You can still pursue your trip, but your expectations must be different. The itinerary should also look different. Plan a trip when not too many people decide to visit your destination.

Don’t plan the trip alone

If you’re traveling with family or friends, involve them in planning the trip. You can’t afford to plan every detail by yourself. They might have other places to visit and it could destroy the itinerary. You must also include time where everyone gets the chance to visit the places they want on their own. There’s no need to be together all the time. You also don’t have to keep changing the plans because not everyone agrees with you.

Check the travel times

If you have to take a bus or train to visit the destination, make sure you check the timetable. You can’t plan your trip to certain places when you’re not yet sure if there are available public transportation options at that time. You can even prepay the tickets so you won’t have to queue up and waste your time. You also don’t risk not getting a ticket at all.

Always be quick

You can’t schedule things like you’re at home. You should be quick when moving from one place to another. You can’t drag heels. You should tell your friends to do the same. You will be late when someone is always behind for whatever reason.

Some people will tell you not to have an itinerary or be flexible when using one. However, when you’re confident with your plan and you know what to do, it’s okay to use it.

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