Reasons Why People Love to Visit Siberia Despite the Freezing Cold

Visiting Siberia

You cannot imagine how people in Siberia manage to survive given that it is frozen almost all throughout the year. With temperature dropping below zero at any given time, you might not find any reason to go there at all. Despite that, you might be surprised that hundreds upon thousands of tourists still find their way in Siberia. These are some reasons why it is a top destination even with its tormenting weather.

Gorgeous wilderness

You cant find awe-inspiring mountains and lakes that are pure and untouched like the ones Siberia has to offer. The Ural Mountains and the Lake Baikal are so picture perfect you wont believe your eyes. Everything you see seems unbelievable including snow covered dense forests and snowflakes that are as huge as leaves. These sceneries can only take shape in a temperature like Siberia. Hence, it is worth visiting.

Adrenaline rush

Lake Baikal

Some people are daredevils and they want to push themselves beyond the limits. If you are one of these people, Siberia could be your playground. You can be pulled by Siberian huskies on a sled across the Lake Baikals frozen surface. You will also feel discomfort each time your eyelashes become icy due to the extreme weather. You can even cross the lake using a hovercraft. Most of all, you are going to fight the weather as you decide to stay outdoors all the time. Nothing can beat these experiences for risk takers like you.

Train ride

Heading to Siberia requires you to be aboard the Trans-Siberian railway. It is one of the longest train rides ever, and it allows you to witness some of the most fascinating views ever. Given the ethereal scenery, you dont want to blink and miss anything along the way.

Tasty dishes

You might not expect it, but locals have some of the best dishes to offer. From smoked meat to roasted potatoes, you will taste amazing cuisines in Siberia. You can also taste a wide variety of fish menus that include raw fish which carefully prepared.

A peek of history

If you want to see history as it is frozen in time, Siberia is the perfect place to visit. You can find empty territories that served as labor camps during the Soviet era war. You can also see some of the early settlement marks left by Nomadic civilizations along with the Mongol empire. You will be fascinated with what you will see and discover a lot about Siberia.

Feel the freedom

You are thousands of miles away from huge urbanized civilizations. You are in the middle of nowhere. If that does not give you a sense of freedom, nothing else will. You can also do whatever you want as long as you are brave enough to fight the biting cold.

Siberia might be one of the coldest places on Earth, but it will surprisingly make you feel warm and loved. This experience is like no other, and if you are thinking of visiting an exciting place this year, Siberia is the place to go.

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