Things to Do When You Feel Unwell During a Plane Ride

Feeling Unwell

There are things you can do when you know you have motion sickness before you go inside the plane. You dread that moment, but you have no choice but to take the ride. You get enough sleep a night before your flight so you will have the energy needed for a long trip. You also take medicines that prevent motion sickness. Even if you prepared well for it, you might still feel unwell. Here’s what you should do if you start feeling sick.



It’s natural to feel uncomfortable when inside the plane. Even people who constantly travel feel that way. Everything about a plane ride will make you uneasy. From the enclosed space to the height, several factors will lead to that feeling. If you don’t feel well, relax and focus your mind on other things. You can’t panic since it won’t help.

Stop eating

You might also be offered food from the plane or you have your own snacks. If you start feeling terrible, you must start eating. It could be due to what you ate. If you have other digestive issues, you have more reasons to stop. Wait until you’ve landed before consuming anything again. You must also stay away from anything greasy or spicy. They won’t help you when you’re already unwell.

Avoid digital screens

You use your phone and the in-flight digital entertainment to avoid boredom while flying. Even if they help you stay entertained, you must avoid using your devices when you start feeling unwell. You get dizzy by scrolling up and down the screen. The change in lighting also worsens your feeling. Even regular reading materials such as books and magazines must be avoided. Trying to read while the plane is constantly shaking can be harmful. Close your eyes and you will feel a lot better.

Ask for ginger ale

Ask the flight attendant for a hot beverage. Generally, it’s not a good idea to get something hot from the plane. However, if ginger ale is available, it will help you avert your current discomfort. It will prevent motion sickness. Your stomach might also need something hot to release some fluids.


You might also feel discomfort because of all the things going on. Try to meditate and take your mind off of what’s happening. You will be brought to a happier place where you can relax and feel better. It might be challenging given the situation, but you can do it. Just close your eyes and focus on breathing. You can also use your headphones to play soothing music as you meditate. It will also improve your ability to focus.

Hopefully, these tips will help you feel better during the ride until you land. Seek medical attention immediately. Don’t wait until things worsen. If you have something contagious, report it to your airline. It will prevent more passengers from being negatively affected. Learn from this experience and prevent the same problem from happening on your future flights.

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