Things to Do When You Get Sick a Day Before Your Trip

Sick on Trip

It’s such a disappointment to get sick a day before you’re supposed to travel. You already prepared for it. Your bags have already been packed. You have already finalized all your reservations. Before freaking out, these are the things you need to do.

See a doctor

see a doctor

You need to know exactly why you’re feeling under the rain. You might not be as ill as you think. It’s possible to quickly recover with medication. When you wake up the following day, it’s like you never even got ill a day before. You can go ahead and pursue your trip. 

Check the terms of all the reservations

Whether it’s your plane ticket or hotel, it’s essential to check the terms to determine if you can cancel them and get a full refund. If not, you can at least receive a part of the amount that you spent. Don’t expect that things will be favorable to you, but there’s no harm in trying. Sometimes, you just need to understand the terms so you will know if there’s a chance for a refund.

If not refund, you can check if someone else can use those tickets and reservations on your behalf. You can sell them to anyone who is willing to go on a last-minute trip. If it’s someone you’re close to, you can even hand the reservations out for free. The goal is to not waste the amount you’ve already paid. 

Rebooking those reservations could also be another option. You might be healthy again after a week, and you can finally pursue the trip. There might be a rebooking fee that comes with it, but it’s better than totally wasting the amount spent.

If the terms aren’t available, you can always call the specific company or agency where you’ve made the reservations for possible changes. Clarify the terms with them or explain your situation. Hopefully, they will understand what you’re going through.

Get enough rest

It’s frustrating to miss a trip you’ve been waiting for a long time. If you’ve been busy with work, you might want to have that trip to relax and take a break. Since you’re already sick, you can stay at home and use it to get that well-deserved break. It’s not what you hope, but health should always come first. Just wish your friends luck as they embark on an exciting adventure without you. 

Plan ahead

Since you have nothing else to do at home, you can plan your next trip. Finalize the next dates when you will be free and pursue your trip. It doesn’t matter whether you will be with other people, or alone. The goal is to pursue a trip that you missed because you got sick. 

At this point, you can’t stress out and force yourself to be better so you can still join the trip. It’s not healthy for you. There’s always a next time and you’re in a much better shape by then. 

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