Tips When Travelling to Hawaii for the First Time

Travelling to Hawaii

There’s no doubt that Hawaii is one of the best places to travel in the world. It’s a popular tourist destination. If it’s on your bucket list, you might want to go there soon. Here are some tips if you intend to travel to Hawaii for the first time.

Don’t rush to visit many islands

Don’t rush to visit many islands

Hawaii is a group of islands, and each one is unique. Hawaii has a lot to offer, but there’s no need to visit all of them at once. In fact, it’s better to stay in one island on your first trip. Each island has a lot to offer. Even if you only stay there, you will get a lot out of your trip. Island hopping might be fun, but it shouldn’t be a priority. Besides, given the current restrictions, moving from one island to another could be challenging.

Try local dishes

Apart from the scenic spots, another reason to visit Hawaii is the presence of sumptuous dishes. The unique herbs and spices present in local dishes will make you feel excited to give them a try. Whether you’re into spicy or sweet dishes, Hawaii has a lot to offer. The best advice is to try local restaurants instead of going to chain restaurants. You will taste authentic dishes, and also support local entrepreneurs in the process.

Don’t be too excited to go to a luau

Of course, you visit Hawaii to experience authentic Luau. However, there’s no need to rush the process. On your first night, you don’t have to attend the Luau. There’s always a luau party in the island. Tickets are also expensive. On your first night, you’re still exhausted from your trip. Take your time to rest first before going to a big party. You can do it over the next nights. Better yet, wait until your last night to have the best Luau of your life.

Bring everything you need

While Hawaii is an exciting place to visit, it’s also expensive. Apart from flights that cost a lot, prices of goods are also high. Therefore, you should bring whatever you need throughout the trip so you won’t have to spend a lot upon arrival. Create a checklist before leaving home.

Use reef-safe sunscreen

You can never go to Hawaii without sunscreen. Given the hot temperature, you might end up getting sunburnt. However, instead of buying a generic sunscreen, consider a reef-safe option. If you intend to swim in the pristine waters, your sunscreen might get into the marine life. The chemicals present in it could poison the animals. Reef-safe sunscreen doesn’t contain oxybenzone, and you should buy it.

Control your excitement

You have a lot of reasons to be excited about this trip. It’s a unique experience, and you’ve waited for it. Don’t allow your feelings to overwhelm you. Pace yourself and enjoy each part of the trip.

Hopefully, Hawaii meets your expectations. If you enjoyed the trip, you can always organize another trip in the future. Make sure you bring the best people with you.

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