Tips When Visiting a Remote Island for Several Days

Visiting Remote Island

Visiting remote islands is exciting. Some of them rarely receive visitors. If given the opportunity to go there, you will feel proud of yourself. However, heading to these islands can be a daunting task. It’s even compounded because of this pandemic. If you decided to pursue the trip, these are some tips worth considering.

Secure your flight and other means to get there

Most remote islands don’t have an airport. Even if there’s one, you might have to take several connecting flights. Therefore, you have to secure the transportation details first to avoid getting left behind or lost. In some instances, you might have to take water vessels to reach the destination. Plan the route getting there and going back since it can take so much time. 

Prepare food

You don’t know what awaits you upon your arrival. In some touristy islands, there are restaurants and hotels. It’s not always the case. In other places, there are limited resources. Therefore, it helps if you bring preserved goods to help you get through the experience. If you have food restrictions, you have more reasons to bring food. Otherwise, you will be hungry. 

Wear the right outfit

Wear the right outfit Bali

Research the destination before going there. Not all islands are in tropical locations. You won’t always expect a sunny day. Some islands are in extremely cold places. Research the place and wear the right outfit. 

Bring insect protection

You need to protect yourself against insects when you’re in an island. In some places, you might even be required to get certain vaccines to secure your health. Research first to prevent unwanted incidents from happening. 

First aid kit is necessary

In some areas, health care isn’t guaranteed. There are no medical professionals nearby. You have to travel to distant locations to get help. You need to bring first aid kit to prevent things from getting worse, especially when you get sick or injured. 

Prepare alternatives

If things wouldn’t go as planned, you need to have alternatives. It helps to prepare these options so you won’t panic when something wrong happens. You might not have anyone to help you during a difficult situation, and you have to prepare for that possibility. 

Find someone who lives in the island

It will make you feel better if you know someone in the area. Try to contact someone who lives there and establish a relationship before your arrival. You can ask that person to be your tour guide or to recommend you to spelled who can do that job. It’s easier when you have someone in the area who can do it for you. It lessens the burden.

Hopefully, your trip will be successful. Take note of the mistakes you committed and learn from them. Don’t forget to share your experience with other people. You might have friends who might also want to embark on this trip. Let them know what you did and ensure that they won’t have problems. They will be grateful for your help. 

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