2016 Travel Hacks That Would Make Your Trip a Breeze

Travel Hacks

Even if you’re already a seasoned traveler, there may still be travel hacks that you may not have heard before or are not yet doing. These hacks are very simple to do, yet they would make your travel a breeze, plus some of them would even help you lower the cost of your trip. Here are some of the travel hacks that you may want to try on your trips this 2016.

Clear Browser Cache and History

When searching and booking for flights online, it’s best to always clear your cache and history before going back to a site for further comparison. This is because the number of times that you’re accessing the site is captured. An increase in the number of visits to the site would mean that there’s a high demand, which could affect the price and make it higher. You may also choose to go incognito when browsing on these sites.

Use Dryer Sheets on Your Luggage

As you know dryer sheets prevent static on clothes. Not only that, this would also keep them smelling fresh, which might be a concern when traveling, especially in hot weather. There’s more use to these products. If you’re having difficulties controlling that nasty odor in your shoes, place a dryer sheet inside them and this should solve the problem. Moreover, you could also use them for cleaning the monitor of your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, keeping them clean while traveling.

Roll Clothes Instead of Folding Them

You may have been using the traditional way of folding clothes forever. This time, try rolling them instead of folding as this would save you more space. You’ll be able to pack more clothes if you try this. Plus, this is also another way to prevent them from wrinkling.

Cable and Jewelry Containers

It’s often difficult to pack jewelries as just placing them in the bag could tangle them or even damage them. This is also true with the cables or chargers of your phone or gadgets. Get a pill container and place a piece of jewelry on each of the box. This would keep them secured and separate from each other preventing tangling. This is also true with the cables and chargers of your gadgets. You may use a glass case to keep them in one place, prevent breaking and tangling.

Use Straw for Various Products and Label Them

Container Straw

Shampoo, conditioner, lotions and other items can add up to the bulk of your luggage. Purchasing travel size products when you still have plenty at home is added expenses. To resolve both of these problems, cut straws to the size you like, seal them at bottom, add the amount of shampoo, conditioner and other items that you like on each and seal them on top. Don’t forget to label them so you wouldn’t be confused on what they are for.

Use Shower Caps for Your Shoes

Keep your shoes neatly packed and still be able to easily tell them apart by using a shower cap as a container. This is also helpful if you’ve worn your shoes during the trip and you want to separate them from your clothes, but you only have one bag to fit them all.

Do you know of other travel hacks that you wish to share for other travelers to try for their trips this 2016? Share them by typing in the comments box below.

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