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Traveling After Graduation is a Must

Most graduates think of getting a job right away. They don’t want to be left behind especially when everyone else already has a job. Although it is a good plan, the truth is it helps to also spend time traveling. For those who are taking on a difficult job, this could be the last opportunity

Essential Tips for Stress-free, Fun-filled Hiking Trip

Hiking is a fun physical activity. It allows you to connect with nature and appreciate the environment even more. Just don’t forget that it also comes with some risks. You could get lost, injured, poisoned or attacked by wild animals along the way. It is important that you prepare well for this trip to avoid

You Should Try Going for a Road Trip This Summer

With modern planes and speed trains available these days, you don’t have to drive just to arrive at a specific location. You might have to pay more, but at least you will arrive in no time. Despite the advancement of public transportation systems, it still would be fun if you try going on a road

Dare to Visit These Most Remote Islands in the World

In planning a trip to a different place, the first thing you have to consider is access. In fact, you easily cancel a plan of visiting to another place if you’ve found out there is no direct flight or you had to wait for several hours before catching your connecting flight. Imagine traveling to some