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Must Haves When Backpacking in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most underappreciated countries in Southeast Asia. The truth is that there are a lot of things to do when you visit the country. It’s a historical location with tasty dishes and welcoming people. If it’s your first time backpacking in the country, these are the things you have to prepare. 

The Need for an Interpreter When Doing a Business Trip

You decide to travel to another country for business purposes if you have a goal in mind. You might want to close a deal with a potential partner or convince a potential investor. Either way, you have to be impressive. It’s not easy to convince someone from a different country to believe in your business

How to Prepare Yourself for a Bird Watching Trip

If you are yet to experience a birdwatching trip, it’s something you have to prepare for. It’s not your ordinary trip. If you’re an avid fan of birds, you will most likely enjoy this experience. For first-timers, these are some tips to help you succeed in doing this trip. Create a bird list  The first

Why Simple Trips Turn Into Long-term Employment Plans

Some people who are currently working overseas didn’t plan to do it. They started by traveling to other places and fell in love with them. Therefore, a simple trip turned into a long-term employment plan. You might also be in this situation, and you have to be open-minded. Cultures are exciting If you live in

Why Road Trips are Getting More Popular During the Pandemic

Road trips have always been fun. Sometimes, when you travel, it’s not about the destination, but the journey. Road trips offer an opportunity for people to enjoy while hitting the road. Even before this pandemic, road trips were already popular. However, they became the choice for many people when the pandemic didn’t seem to have

Pros and Cons of a “Vaccine Passport” for Tourism

As vaccines are beginning to roll out in different places across the world, it seems like we’re heading towards the end of the pandemic. While there are still logistical issues, things could get better soon. Eventually, places will start to reopen and people won’t have to shelter-in-place all the time. It’s also good news for

Useful Tips When Deciding to Travel on the Last Minute

You want to plan every detail of your trip as much as possible. You don’t want to leave anything up to chance and feel inconvenienced. You decided to travel so you can relax. If there are unplanned details, they could adversely affect your experience. If you suddenly have a day off from work, and you

Is It Good to Not Plan the Details of a Trip?

There are instances when you don’t want to fully plan every detail of your trip. It’s either due to the lack of time or you’re too lazy to do it. For some people, not planning ahead would be terrible for the trip. However, there might also be some good things that will come out of