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Tips to Avoid Fighting as a Couple When Travelling

Travelling with a special someone is a dream come true for a lot of people. Walking along the sea shores, taking great photos together, feeding each other- these are just some of the most unforgettable experiences a lot of people want to try. The truth is that travelling together is way more complicated. It might

Tips in Controlling Your Temper When Flying

You will meet different types of people when flying. Some of them are pleasant, while others are a huge trouble. At some point, you might feel like screaming at some of them due to their attitude. On the other hand, you know that you are staying with these people throughout the flight. Therefore, you have

Reasons Why Employers Prefer Hiring Well-Traveled People

Employers have different standards when hiring new employees. Usually, they look at the resumes first since those documents go to their tables. They have no other basis of determining whether or not the applicants deserve to be hired aside from that piece of document. Recently, one of the qualities employers are looking into is how

Preparing to Travel During a Student Exchange Program

Being an exchange student has a lot of benefits. You study overseas and learn with other students. You discover different places. You also learn to be independent. This is why a lot of students undergo this program. They want to experience something else as a student and not just rely on their classroom activities to

Tips When Exchanging Currencies Abroad

There are countries where using cards is easy. Almost any establishment accepts cards. There are other countries though that only allow cash transactions. You have to prepare enough cash before you head to these destinations. Even if you have already exchanged currency, you could still end up not having enough cash on hand to carry

Destination Weddings are a Great Idea

There are different spots that are perfect for a wedding. You can choose to have a beach wedding or a forest wedding. As long as the place can accommodate all your guests and it looks amazing in photos, it is a great choice. Destination weddings are also becoming more popular these days. This is where