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Etiquette Guide for First-Time Travelers in Japan

Japan is one of the most popular places for people to visit considering its combination of culture and technology. It is one of the richest countries not only in terms of their economy, but also of their culture and heritage. When you think about modern technology, you usually think of Japan since they are ahead

Tips to Access a Relaxing Airport Lounge

The airport is one of the places you would not want to be in. It is always crowded. People are in a hurry. There are security checks in almost every point. Some flights end up getting delayed or canceled. People are always angry at someone. The whole place could be quite toxic. There are airport

Safety Tips When Using Ride Sharing Apps Abroad

Ride sharing apps have made it a lot easier to travel anywhere. Even if it is your first time to travel in a country, you can use the app and you can quickly go to your destination. The drivers are also under the strict rules by the company that employed them. Therefore, you are most

Things to Do When Your Airline Ceased Operations

Imagine when you are at an airport waiting for your flight when suddenly your chosen airline decided to cease operations. It happened in March 2019 in Iceland. Wow Air, one of the countries airlines, decided to immediately stop all its operations and left 4,000 passengers stranded. If you are faced with this situation, what should

Enjoy the Beautiful Island of Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is the largest island located on the West coast of Malaysia. Although the East coast is known for its beautiful beaches, the West boasts Langkawi. It is a popular tourist destination and has a lot to offer. From its turquoise waters to the vast jungle, you have a lot to see while you are