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You Should Visit These Exciting Border Crossings

Border issues are tough. Disputes over territory have sparked several wars throughout history. This has become a hot issue these days especially with the US President’s rhetoric against immigrants trying to cross the border. Not everything about border is negative though. Some of them are interesting but in a positive way. If you are planning

Haggling Tips When Shopping in Markets and Bazaars

Shopping is definitely one of the things you look forward to when traveling to different countries. Huge shopping malls are not necessarily the best places to look into if your goal is to avoid spending a lot of money. There are a lot of markets and bazaars in various cities where the prices of the

Tips to Keep You Financially Safe When Traveling Abroad

There are different ways people deal with money around the world. For instance, there are places that usually relies on cash. Countries that are not quite progressive don’t have a lot of transactions where cards are accepted. The same thing is true for island countries. Determining whether you are to bring cash or card is

Top Secrets So You Can Book Cheaper Airline Tickets

Isn’t it irritating to see that airline tickets fluctuate all the time?  You won’t know how much to prepare even for a trip that you usually take. The time of the year along with the day in which you decide to travel affects the price of the air ticket. Even if there are promotions available,