7 Essential Tips to Fight Back Jet Lag and Motion Sickness When Traveling

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For most people, the worst part about traveling to other places is the actual travel. This is true especially if it involves a plane ride. Most people end up getting dizzy on the plane. The moment turbulence hits, the place is shaken really badly and it causes severe motion sickness. Long flights also result to jet lag. As soon as you arrive to your destination, the temperature is different and you are also in a different time zone. Here’s how you can fight jet lag back as well as motion sickness.

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Rest well before your flight

You need to get ample sleep before leaving. This is true especially if you are the type who can’t sleep when flying. You need to make sure that you are energized when you are on the plane. This helps lessen the possibility of a jet lag.

Be more flexible with your schedule

You are usually advised that you have to eat on time and also sleep on time. Though it is good for your health, it places you at a huge disadvantage when traveling. People who have more flexible eating and sleeping time can adjust to the changes right away.

Don’t trick alcohol during the flight

Even if you are tempted to drink alcoholic beverages while flying, you have to resist it. Not only it will cause dehydration, it also makes you groggy upon arrival. Imagine suffering from jet lag and the effects of alcohol at the same time. The same thing is true for coffee and soda. They will alter your sleeping patterns, so they have to be avoided.

Sleeping pills are not worth it

You might think these pills will help you sleep well before, during or after arrival. The truth is that it will just mess you up. Instead of sleeping pills, you can try tea instead. It is a natural source, but is also effective in making you fall asleep easily.

Get as much day light as possible

This helps a lot if you are in a new time zone. You will start to feel better if you are exposed to the sun, unless of course you have not slept at all. In this case, you really need to get enough sleep.

Do some exercises upon arrival

This helps stretch your muscles. Take note that you were seated for a very long time. You have to keep moving once you arrive to avoid muscle pains. It also helps boost your endorphins and make you active again.

Medication should be the last choice

If your jet lag is really bad, perhaps you can consider medication. There are pills available to relieve you from feeling dizzy or nauseating. However, they are not recommended as much as possible. They are only for extreme cases when you have to move on but your jet lag is really bad.

Once you have tried these techniques, you can immediately move ahead with your trip and enjoy your vacation. If it is a business meeting, you will feel better while conducting the meeting with your associates or partners.

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