Can You Literally Travel Every Country in the World?

Traveling Every Country

The idea of traveling around the world might be in every child’s dream. Back then, it was impossible to pursue these trips. However, with the improvements in the aviation industry, it’s possible to visit every country you can think of. There might be tons of hurdles, but it can be done. Many people have already done it, and some of them even have YouTube channels that documented their trips.

Visa issues

Visa Issue

If you wish to make it a reality, the first thing to consider are the visa rules. It’s not the same in every country. It also depends on what passport you’re holding. It might be easy in some countries, but you will go through several hoops in others. You might even find places that don’t accept tourists at all. If you wish to go there, you have to receive a special permission from the government. Once you’re granted a visa, you can finally pursue the trip.

Civil war

Another obstacle to consider is the tension in the area. Some countries like Syria have a civil war. It’s extremely dangerous to go there. You might even receive warnings from your government not to visit these places at all. Taking you out of the country might be challenging, especially during worst-case scenarios. You can only enter these places if you have a certified tour guide. You might be at risk, especially if you don’t look like the locals. There’s a high risk of getting robbed or kidnapped. If the war doesn’t deter you, go for it.

Lack of regular flights

Not all countries have regular flights. Some small island nations only have a few flights a week. The airlines also travel only to a few major cities. You might have to take several connecting trips before you arrive at your destination. Since the trip requires several airport transfers, expect that you will pay more.

Health issues

Before the pandemic, some countries are already risky to visit due to health issues. There are other diseases running around the area, and you are required to take the necessary shots. Otherwise, you won’t be granted entry into the country. With the rise of Covid cases in some places, traveling has become even more challenging. In 2020, it was almost impossible to visit several countries around the world.

You have to find sufficient funds

Perhaps, the biggest obstacle to your quest to travel the world is funding. You need to have enough money to afford your trip. Some travelers are creative. They use their influence to make money or get sponsorships. It’s also the reason why most people who wish to visit every country in the world have a YouTube channel. They make money out of it. Others have published a book that document their trip. With the amount made from these options, they managed to continue their plans.

The point is that it’s possible to continue the goal to travel if you’re willing to take the risks. You will go through a lot to achieve this milestone, but it can be done.

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