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Things to Do to Avoid Getting Ill on a Cruise Trip

Getting on a cruise can be exciting. For some people, it’s one of the activities on their bucket list. Considering all the amenities and services on a cruise, it’s definitely worth the try. It doesn’t even matter if getting a ticket would cost a lot of money.  Unfortunately, as we have seen in recent events,

Traveling with the Elderly Might be Too Difficult in the Future

The current pandemic has mostly affected the older demographics. People with underlying conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, and lung issues, are even more vulnerable. Although there were a few people in their 70s onwards who managed to survive the virus, a lot of them unfortunately died. Therefore, it might be difficult for a lot of

Is It Safe to Travel Amid This Pandemic?

The spread of the corona virus placed everything on hold. In various parts of the world, people were ordered to go on a lockdown or social distancing. The reason is that when people stay at home, there’s a smaller chance of contracting the virus. When the virus doesn’t have a human host, it won’t spread.