Effective Ways to Beat Homesickness When Traveling to Another Country and Staying There for a Long Time

Beat Homesickness

Traveling to another country is something that a lot of people would like to experience. It lets you explore new cultures and traditions, as well as meet new individuals.  Some travelers fall in love with a country so much that they decide to stay there for good. However, there are also those who may be forced to stay in a specific country for an extended period due to varying reasons, such as studies, work or marriage.

If you are in this type of situation, one of the problems that you might be facing is homesickness. You may have been attached to the people and things that you normally do back home that you’re missing them so much. There are things that you can do to get through this phase and here are some of them.

Go Out and Explore

You’re new to the place so there would be so much that you haven’t seen before. Take every opportunity you have to explore your new environment. This would keep you busy and entertained, which could let your forget about the loneliness that you feel. Moreover, this is also a great way to familiarize yourself with your new surroundings so you would know the best route to take, as well as determine the best places to go to for your particular needs or interests.

Meet New People

Meet New People

No man is an island. Trying to get by on your own will make your stay even more difficult. Get to know new people and develop friendship, especially with the locals. You may consider them as your family, making it easier to cope with your homesickness. Moreover, they would help you get more accustomed to their culture and traditions.

Talk to People Home

It’s normal that you’ll miss your family and friends back home. The technology makes it easier and more convenient to communicate with your loved ones even when they’re in the other part of the globe. Send them a text or call them. If you’re worried about the roaming rates, there’s also the Internet where you can have a chat or video call with them.

There are also various social media sites that you can use to connect with them. Facebook is one of these popular websites. You’ll get to see their photos and videos, as well as be updated on their life. It wouldn’t feel that they are too far because of this.

Ask Someone to Visit

While technology helps you to get in touch with your family and friends while in another country, nothing still beats being together with them personally. If someone you know is visiting the country you’re in, ask him to come to your place so you can spend time together.  It would feel great knowing that someone from home is coming to visit.

If no one is visiting at the moment, you can always plan for a visit from your family or at least a family member in the future, when the time and budget permits or maybe you can plan a visit home. Having something to look forward to would help you get by.

Learn New Things

Since you’re in a foreign land, there are so many things to learn, including their culture, tradition and language. This is important for you to blend in well. Moreover, it will also keep you busy so you can get your focus off the loneliness that you feel. You may also develop a new hobby, which you can do on your down time to keep you occupied.


One of the best ways to free yourself from worries is to exercise. It helps clear your mind and feel good.  It’s hitting two birds in one stone as this also keeps you healthy. Taking care of your health, especially if you’re alone and away from home is important as there would be no one to take care of you.  Furthermore, this would keep you fit, which can add up to your self confidence.

Make Your Place Feel Like Home

Whether it’s a small bedroom or an entire apartment, make it as comfortable as possible. Surround it with things you love and things that would make you feel like home, such as photos with family and friends.

Traveling and staying in another country for a long time can be exciting, but you may also feel lonely at times. Consider these tips to cope when homesickness strikes.

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