The Work from Home Setup Should be Permanent to Allow More Frequent Trips

Work from Home

The primary reason for the work from home setup right now is to prevent people from leaving home and reduce potential infections. It was challenging at first, but people eventually got used to it. Adjusting took time, but after a while, normal operations resumed. The point is that if this setup becomes permanent, it would benefit a lot of people.

When work can be done in any location, there’s no need to be in a physical office. As long as the employees are responsible in doing what is asked of them, everything should go smoothly. If they want to travel while working, there’s nothing wrong about it. Due to the need to go to the office each day, employees don’t get enough travel time. When there are short breaks, they would rather go to sleep. Since traveling has plenty of benefits, it should be done more often. As such, companies should consider making this setup permanent.

Online meetings are possible

At first, people felt irritated with Zoom meetings. They’re difficult to handle and others couldn’t even figure out how the platform works. Eventually, it became easier to conduct meetings through Zoom. Some companies even decided to reduce the frequency of Zoom meetings since they’re deemed unnecessary. If the team can be managed through online platforms, there’s no need to be in the office each day.

Employees become more responsible

Even if employees go to the office each day, there’s no assurance that they will do the job well. Some of them might even procrastinate. When they’re not required to be in an office, they will have an elevated sense of responsibility. As long as you’re clear about the deadlines, these employees will meet your requirements. It doesn’t matter where they are, they will find a way to get the job done. When your employees become more responsible and productive, it’s better for the company.

Employees will have better mental health

Being in an office all the time could adversely impact one’s mental health. Some people will find it hard to concentrate. Office politics could also be distracting. When employees can choose where they want to work, it’s more convenient for them. Since traveling has positive effects on mental health, it should be encouraged. Despite the pressure that work brings, being in a fantastic location is still helpful.

More time with family

More time with family

Apart from being able to travel, working from home (or any other location) allows more family time. Some parents feel guilty that they don’t get to spend enough time with their children. With this setup, they can see their children growing. They won’t miss special moments. Providing for the needs of the family shouldn’t hinder anyone from being a wonderful parent.

Making this setup permanent might be challenging since some people in the organization will resist it. However, if they see the value of flexibility, it’s easier to promote this method. Besides, we have seen that it worked during this pandemic. There’s no reason to get rid of it. If another health crisis happens in the future, the company wouldn’t have to worry about disruptions anymore.

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