Things to Know Before Traveling to Dubai


You’ve probably heard a lot about Dubai, and you can’t wait to make it a part of your next trip. It’s a country where people go if they want to feel fancy. It’s also rich in culture since it’s a melting pot of different nationalities. Before pursuing this trip, here are a few things you must know.

You can travel on budget

While Dubai is undoubtedly an expensive destination, it doesn’t mean you can’t travel on a budget. You can still pursue your trip without spending much. Stay in one of the popular international hotel chains. Avoid dining in fancy restaurants. You may also look for a local to help you get around.

Dress modestly

Dubai might be a modern and international city, but it’s still part of the United Arab Emirates. It means that you should dress appropriately. Be modest not only because you could be in trouble if you don’t, but it’s also your way of showing respect to local culture.

Dubai will always be hot

If you don’t like being in a hot place, Dubai isn’t for you. It’s literally in the middle of a desert. Prepare for a hot trip. Bring appropriate clothing to make you feel comfortable throughout your trip. It’s even worse during summer months when people visit Dubai to be on the beach. It’s crowded everywhere you go and the heat can be unbearable.

There are activities to do in the desert

You might think that the desert area of the city isn’t the best place to visit. The truth is there’s more to Dubai than skyscrapers and luxury hotels. You can also do a lot when you decide to head into the desert. Try taking an off-road adventure with a quad bike. You can also sandboard down the dunes. You might also be surprised to see lavish villas next to the desert.

It’s a safe city

Its a safe city

You might have biases towards Dubai and other Middle Eastern country. You believe these places are unsafe. The truth is Dubai is one of the safest cities on Earth. Everyone follows traffic rules. Strong laws are also enforced properly. Even if you stay out late at night, you will still feel safe on the road.

Weekends are Friday and Saturday

The last work day in the city is Thursday. It means that your weekends will be Friday and Saturday. Plan your trip around it. Most bars are packed during the weekends, which is good if you’re into it. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy being in the bars. You might also have to pay more if you’re in the city during the weekends. If you want to avoid the crowd and pay peak season fees, visit during the weekdays.

After understanding this information about Dubai, it’s time to plan your trip. You will not regret your decision since Dubai has tons to offer. Start browsing the photos of people who have visited the city and you can’t wait for your trip to happen.

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