Things to Know Before You Decide to Visit Bhutan


Bhutan is one of the most fascinating places on Earth. It’s a small and peaceful nation which is also among the most environment-friendly. It’s the only country on Earth that measures the Growth National Happiness Visiting Bhutan instead of simply relying on its GDP. Bhutan is such a dream, but it’s not the easiest country to visit. These are the things you need to know before going there.

There’s an entry tax for foreigners

Unlike other countries where you can come any time as long as you have a valid visa, it’s different for Bhutan. You can only get in if you apply for entry via an agency, and you pay a surcharge. It’s roughly $40 per person per night. It’s on top of everything else that you will spend money on. However, given the beauty of Bhutan, it’s worth the price.

Don’t travel during peak seasons

The country only limits the number of foreigners to enter the country per day. It doesn’t rely on tourism for survival. The priority is to preserve the country and ensure the natural resources stay preserved. It means that you have to compete for a spot with thousands of other people who want to get it. March, April, October, and November are the busiest seasons. Try not to go there during these months since it will be tough getting in.

Determine your priority

Bhutan has a lot to offer. If you’re into trekking, the best time to go there are those busy months. The weather is perfect. The skies are blue and it’s not muddy. It’s also during these months when the country has fun and colorful festivals. If you visit on other months, there are regular light rains, making outdoor activities challenging. If you visit during the summer, it’s perfect for mushroom picking. The winter is the best time for spirituality-related activities. The country is even quieter than usual, which is perfect for your goal. 

Homestay is an excellent option

Some people prefer staying in a hotel, especially since they have never been to Bhutan before. However, homestay is an option that allows you to interact with the locals. You will know what it is like to live as a Bhutanese, enjoy authentic dishes, and live a simple life. However, not all families have a shower or electricity. You need to consider these issues before you decide to ditch the hotel.

This country isn’t for partying and nightlife

Bhutan Night Life

If you expect to have a nightlife in Bhutan, you should change your destination. The country is only for those who love the outdoors, and are interested to go on a retreat. There are also strict laws to follow regarding trash disposal. Environmental protection is a priority in Bhutan, and you need to cooperate. It’s also a way of showing respect. Considering that only a few people are allowed in, and you got that chance, you should be grateful.

You will surely love Bhutan, and despite the restrictions and cost, you should pursue this trip.

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