Tips Before Leaving Your Children With a Sitter to Go on a Business Trip

Leaving Children with Sitter

It’s not easy leaving your children at home for a business trip. You worry about their health and safety. Unless you found a reliable sitter, you might not pursue your trip yet. Even if you do, you should still be cautious about leaving them behind. These are the things you need to do before deciding to leave your children with a sitter.

Write everything 

You might have plenty of reminders for the sitter in regards to your children’s safety. You can’t rely on them to remember all these tips. You have to write them down. Include every detail, even the ones that might happen during unexpected circumstances. If your children have allergies and other health issues, you should also include them on the reminders. 

Provide emergency contact information 

If there’s an emergency, the sitter should be able to contact you right away. Save your contact number on the speed dials. Include the local emergency number and other people whom the sitter can call for help. Saving the numbers on speed dial is crucial in case the sitter panics. It’s easier to contact the right person. 

Inform your neighbors

Inform your neighbors

You also trust your neighbors who have been around for years. If you can only leave your children to them, you would. However, you know that they’re also busy and have other things to deal with. Even if they’re not the official sitter, you can still inform them that you have to leave for a few days and the children are with a sitter. Ask your neighbors to check on your children and see if everything is okay. Leave your phone number to easily reach you if there’s a problem.

Reward the sitter 

There are times when you have to settle with whomever is available. If the sitter is mature enough to be entrusted with your children, you let that person do the job. The problem is that not all sitters take the job seriously. Others are only in it for the money that they will get once they clock out. The key is to give an initial payment before you leave. It makes the sitter feel responsible right away. You can also offer a reward if the job is done without any glitch. 

Secure your home 

To make you feel even better, you should secure your home. Install security cameras in various entry points. Create an alarm system. Check the locks if all of them are working well. If there are issues, fix them first before leaving. 

With these tips, you will feel more confident about leaving your children behind. Keep in touch with them and ensure that everything is doing well. If there are emergencies, prepare yourself to cancel the trip and go home right away. You don’t want things to get worse before you head back home. If you found a reliable sitter, you can work with this person in the future. You should also arrange the schedule weeks ahead. 

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