Travel Idea: Make Bad Travel Reviews and Ratings Your Guide for Your Next Destination

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  Care to travel to some destination made unattractive by bad travel reviews or ratings? It’s not really a bad idea. Instead of avoiding those places said to be bad or at least not a good option for tourists, you can set your sight on them. This may not work if you are not the adventurous type or if you are a new traveler who wants to make the most of the money you spend for the trip.

Nevertheless, this peculiar awy of choosing travel destinations is going to appeal to those who want some excitement or uncertainty to make the travel more thrill-filled and fun. At least, this is not as bad as degrading your immune system by becoming a tourist in space. Consider the following options as you choose a “bad” travel destination.

1. Look for a travel blog that has unfavorable things to say about a certain destination and visit the place to try to disprove the blogger’s review.

If you have a good amount of travel budget and time to spare, why not try to uncover paid bloggers who could be blatantly trying to besmirch the reputation of one destination to favor another. There are many paid online travel reviews out there that don’t really provide a good representation for the places they “review.” If you are running out of ideas of good places to go, why not spend some time trying to disprove these blogs?

Take a lot of photos. Do a good coverage of the place. If you think the negative blog or review you’ve read was wrong, you can now show evidences that will disprove the unfair comments. Wouldn’t it be great to have helped the wrongly reviewed resort or tourist spot?

2. Go to a poorly rated or reviewed destination to examine the place so you can propose helpful changes.

Are you running out of options for a good travel? Why not do something worthwhile? Go to a place deemed unattractive by many tourists and try offering these places some advice after paying them a visit. This is of course not an easy thing to do. Attempts to help these poorly reviewed places may not be received that well. Worse, you may even offend the owners of the place.

Still, there’s no harm in trying. Who knows how the pieces of knowledge as an experienced traveler you impart to these poorly-rated places can help them improve. It’s an uncommon feat and it is something you will definitely be proud of.

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3. Travel to the place with the worst review or rating to experience how bad bad can get when it comes to travel.

If you have had the best travel experiences over the years you’ve spent as a tourist, you may want to experience how bad is a bad travel. Be adventurous. Try some place you are not well-acquainted. There’s no harm in experiencing what other travelers deem as their worst trips when you already know the “bad” to expect.

Of course, you need to ascertain your safety as you do this. Don’t be too consumed by the desire to gratify your whims. Avoid locations noted for health risks as well as those notorious for armed conflicts or crime incidences. Make sure the place permits communication and that help will be available in case you need it.

4. Payback time: go to some resort or hotel notorious for bad service to “return the favor.”

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If the last three ideas are still not convincing enough, how about going to a resort or hotel known for bad customer service and acting as an equally bad guest? This is definitely not the noblest of intentions but you can think of it as a way (an inimical one) of letting these bad hospitality businesses learn their lesson.

If the years of bad travel reviews still fail to make them shape up, maybe giving them a dose of their own medicine is in order. Just be sure, though, to have all your physical and legal assurances as you venture into this wild travel idea. Know your rights as a guest and try bringing in some “toughie” friends just to avoid getting mauled if worse comes to worst. Also make sure to get your nearby police station’s number.

These are just some wild travel ideas you can consider if you couldn’t think of something new to excite you. Give one or two of them a try and experience something you have not experienced before.