4 of the Best Places in the World for a Personal Retreat


There are days when you just want to be away from the bustling noise of the city and the fast-paced everyday life. There are places in this world where you can feel isolated and not think about anything for a few days. As long as you plan your trip in advance and ask permission from work, then you can make it happen. For sure, the moment you come back home after this trip, you will feel like you are a new person.

Ananda in the Himalayas, Uttaranchal, India

This is a perfect place for meditation since it is really big. You can find a place where you can just be alone and not be bothered by anyone. It is a 100-acre estate overlooking the Ganges River. You may join meditation programs along with other people or you can find a guide who will help you by doing a program which is tailored to your needs. There are outdoor and indoor sessions that you can choose from. You may also choose from lavish suites so you can have a relaxing sleep at night.

Shambhala Mountain Center, Colorado


This place in Colorado is simply breathtaking. It is located quite far away from the city so you are guaranteed that it would be quiet. There are a variety of personal retreat packages available for you including programs on how to stay away from stress and on how to stay connected with nature. There are lodging options available within the area and they also provide tents if you decide to be closer to nature. Other activities are also available like running, hiking and snowshoeing.

The Buddhist Retreat Centre, South Africa

The location of this place alone is more than enough for you to pay a visit. It is located on top of a ride overlooking the valleys and forests. With its clean air and peaceful atmosphere, you will be easily on the mood for a retreat the moment you arrive there. This place has also been awarded a National Heritage status as it uses environment-friendly approaches in using indigenous plans to save the endangered Blue Swallow. You may walk around this huge area and go bird watching. If you just want a few days off from the world without necessarily going too far from the city center, then this is the perfect choice.

Ala Kukui, Maui, Hawaii

This place literally means the Pathway to Illumination. After your trip, if you still don’t feel enlightened, then you might not have made the most out of the opportunity. You can avail of the Vipassana meditation, healing retreats and many others. Aside from emotional recovery, you may also get the services that lead to physical recovery especially for those who have suffered from war and other traumatic experiences. Yoga, gardening and hiking are among other activities that you can do in the area.

These are just some of the best places that will lead to personal healing. You have to take some time off your schedule just to visit these places and find your inner peace and press the reset button for your life.

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