6 Uniquely Romantic Travel Destinations You Should Consider Visiting

It’s February — a month so unique not only because of the shortage of days but also of the romance-filled Valentine’s Day celebration. As a traveler, you must have at least thought of going somewhere romantic but unique with your partner. If you are still thinking of a place to visit, consider the following options:

Image courtesy of gubgib /

Image courtesy of gubgib /

1. Puerto Mosquito or Mosquito Bay

For many, a romantic setting should not be short on the dim lights. If you and your partner have this fondness for fancy ambient lighting, Puerto Mosquito is one place you definitely have to visit. This stunning destination is hailed as the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world by the Guiness Book of World Records. Well, not really that bright not to be considered “romantically dim.”

The place definitely looks magical and enthralling. The water demonstrates fluorescence that is perhaps hundreds of times brighter than what you can observe at the sea when bioluminescent microorganisms react to the disturbance on the water’s surface. The light on the water is actually produced by dinoflagellates called Pyrodinium bahamense.

2. Bath

Okay this place is called Bath and you would be coming here for the bath. If you don’t feel we have emphasized it well enough, Bath is a place for lovers who want to relax by soaking in naturally hot spa waters in a unique, creative, and stylish way. Enjoy a delightful experience and feel the kind of reinvigoration the unique English waters of Bath can offer.

Bath, the place in general, also features majestic Georgian architecture, interesting boutique shopping places, unmistakably great attractions for all visitors, as well as exciting festivals. A multitude of restaurants, cafés, and bars are in the area ready to serve your dining a

nd gastronomic cravings.


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3. Anse Chastanet Resort

This resort in Soufriere, St. Lucia is an ideal setting for a romantic getaway. It is situated on a hill with lush vegetation and great views of the bay as well as the peaks of the Pitons. The Caribbean weather is definitely worth the trip, something you can enjoy with the spacious rooms that are open on the sides. If you are simply looking for a place to relax and be with each other, this is definitely a great choice. St. Lucia also has numerous local tourist attractions that are easily accessible from the resort.

4. Frégate Island

A private property surrounded by water, Frégate Island is one place that can offer a grand experience worthy of the $1,500 per night price tag. This 740-acre island is located in Seychelles and has 16 villas that come with outdoor showers, Jacuzzis, and reclining long chairs for those who want a nap or some relaxing time outdoors while enjoying the view. For couples, this private island offers a relatively serene and private accommodation as it rarely takes in more than 40 guests at a time.

5. Aranui

If it’s a cruise you want to have, give Aranui a try. This 14-day French Polynesia adventure cruise starts from Tahiti and proceeds to Ua Pou, Farakawa, Nuk, Hiva, Fatu Hiva, Ua Huka, Rangiroa, and Papeete. The cruise ship has 32 cabins to accommodate guests as they eagerly enjoy the sights of the primitive ports and concealed lagoons in the South Pacific. Thinking of a romantic travel? This is an opportunity should consider.

6. Ultimate Adirondacks at The Point Resort

This private Adirondack estate is located on a

shoreline of a mountain lake. A truly distinctive hideaway, The Point Resort is a great travel destination choice for couples. It features fancy log mansions built with native timber and stone. Couples will definitely love the combination of comfort and a high level of privacy provided by the mansions.

The Point Resort is situated on the shores of Upper Saranac Lake. For new guests, this place may sound very rustic but it is certainly not isolated from civilization and it comes with all the amenities or facilities necessary to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay.

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Image courtesy of Idea go /

Get ready to head to any of the distinctive destinations mentioned. Just make sure that you are indeed ready for the trip as you do the test for safe and enjoyable travel. Have fun but don’t be boring or generic.