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Experiencing the Night Markets in Bangkok

Shopping is one of the many activities that lure visitors to Bangkok. But aside from the numerous shops you can find in the city’s shopping districts, the other thing that attracts visitors is Bangkok’s night market. Indeed, it could be an experience like no other, depending on your perspective.  Here are some of Bangkok’s vibrant

Staying Fit While Traveling Is Possible

Traveling is an excellent way to give yourself a break, learn new experiences, and ease stress. But traveling can make you veer away from your healthy eating habits. Moreover, it cannot be easy to maintain your fitness routine. Thus, getting back to your routine after a vacation can be challenging. If you plan to stay

Weary Parents are Particularly Interested in Wellness Travel

When you have a family, a vacation typically includes road trips and amusement parks. Of course, the success of your family vacation relies on how many children you have, their ages, and their temperament. But we cannot discount that most parents, especially mothers, are more stressed after a vacation.  But things are slowly taking a

Cruise Safety Tips to Consider

The idea of being on a cruise might be exciting. It’s on your bucket list and you’re finally making it happen. You were held back by time and money in the past, but you’re now pursuing that dream. Before you get too excited, realize that there are safety concerns to consider. Here’s how you can

Interesting Border Places to Visit

Visiting borders between countries should be a part of your bucket list. It’s a unique experience that will make you love traveling even more. These border towns are a microcosm of each country. You will also find something fascinating in every area. Here are some that are worth visiting. Chile-Argentina border Do you know what

Reasons Behind the Resurgence of Southeast Asian Tourism

Before the pandemic, the Southeast Asian region was one of the hottest destinations in the world. Its unique cultures and sceneries made more people enticed to visit the countries. Despite being in the same region, each country has something different to offer. From the flavorful cuisines of Thailand to the skyscrapers of Singapore, there’s a

Can the Tourism Industry Handle Another Health Crisis?

It seems like we’re almost out of the pandemic and its impact. People are going back to their regular lives and most countries no longer have the same restrictions. The problem is that many experts project that another health crisis could be on the horizon. It might even be worse than Covid-19. The fact that

Why Children Should Go On a Trip

Some parents don’t even bother organizing a trip for their young children. Their argument is that these children won’t even remember what transpired during the trip when they get older. However, it’s crucial that you send your children on a trip. Despite your busy schedule, you must not miss on the chance to travel. Here’s