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Top 4 Destinations in Asia for Beach Weddings

When it comes to weddings, one of the most important detail that would come into any bride’s mind would be the location of the wedding ceremony. As your wedding ceremony would be the most integral part of the wedding, it is important to choose a venue that would best showcase you and your spouse to

Navigating Around the Legendary Shaolin Temple

Part of UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, the Shaolin Temple is said to be the Number One Temple under Heaven. Considered to be the cradle of Shaolin martial arts and Zen Buddhism, the Shaolin Temple is indeed the epitome of heaven on earth. What to See R&R One of the main things to

Holiday Destinations: Chiang Mai

Known as one of the biggest cities in Thailand, Chiang Mai stands to be a melting pot of culture. Located in the highest mountains of Thailand, this gorgeous city is one of the top tourist spots in Thailand. It is also considered to be one of the best destinations to visit worldwide. Tourist Attractions One

Tips to Successfully Shop for Souvenir Items

Any trip will not be completed without buying something to be brought home. These souvenir items will remind you of the unforgettable trip you had in that place. If these items are only available there, then buying one is definitely a must. Buying these items somewhere else will surely cost a lot. However, shopping for

Tricks to Save More When Traveling to Europe

Europe is definitely a popular destination. The continent has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful structures, breathtaking sceneries and cultural heritage. This is why millions of people travel each year to Europe just to see what it has to offer. In fact, some people have even decided to reside in Europe as they

Most Beautiful Castles Around the World

It is every woman’s fantasy to be swept away by a prince and be carried off into the clouds. But since the chances of this happening would be close to none, the closest you could get to your girlhood fantasies would be by visiting some of the most beautiful castles around the world. So if

Treat Yourself to a Moroccan Adventure

Morocco, a country in Northern Africa, is one of the more popular tourist destinations in the world particularly for people who are looking for more than just seating comfortably at the beach and sipping cocktails because Morocco is a place where anybody can experience a lot of amazing and adrenaline-boosting adventures. The country is a

Liveaboard: Diving Adventures on Board a Ship

Vacations are more than just a time to rest, relax, and get away from all the hustle and bustle of life. Vacation is one more way for us to experience to beauty of this world and gives us more time to appreciate just how wonderful planet Earth is. One of the best ways to experience