Travel Goals You Need to Achieve Before You Die


There are places that are totally unique and will leave you breathless. These places are definitely worth visiting no matter what it takes. There are also activities that will challenge you to the extreme. You can only do so if you have the courage to try them out. These are travel goals that you definitely have to accomplish. You need to do everything you can to make them happen.

The African Safari

Africa is such a beauty to behold. Despite everything that we see on TV, there is so much that the region has to offer. The safari is definitely a place that you should see. It is teeming with life. It has unique species of flora and fauna that you can never see elsewhere. Those animals that you see only in books and TV can finally be seen for real. It is such a unique experience.

Backpacking in Southeast Asia


The good thing about Southeast Asian countries is that most of them can be traveled by land. You can start with a direct flight to Singapore and move your way up to Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Each of these countries has something unique to offer. They also have unique cultures and traditions that are worth seeing. You will be totally satisfied as soon as you go back to your country. It is also the reason why the region has seen a growth of expats especially in recent years.

See Antarctica

This is definitely the adventure of a lifetime. You can say that you are one of the very few people who have been there. Traveling to this continent is extremely difficult and also expensive. However, once you get the chance, you can be very proud of your accomplishment. Most of all, it features glaciers, penguins, and a really cold weather. What’s not to like?

Take the Trans-Siberian Railway

This is one of the best rides you can ever have. It is a very long train ride across the region. You also can’t connect to the rest of the world while traveling as internet access is difficult. It is like traveling way back in the 70’s. You will see a lot of beautiful sceneries while traveling and of course take time to reflect about life in general.

Spend a few months in India

India is such a religious place. Though majority of the people follow Hinduism, there are Indians who also follow different religions. They are also very public about their expression of faith. In fact, people go there just to spend some time away from home and to reflect on their life. They also practice yoga and other meditation techniques. If you feel like your life is so toxic and you need a break, India is the place for you.

These are just some of the best travel goals that you should write on your bucket list now. You can say that you are ready to die once you have finally made these goals a reality. Start planning now.

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