Avoid Having Trouble Sleeping When Flying with These Simple Tips


There are people who feel totally comfortable sleeping while flying even if there’s turbulence or the environment inside the plane is just not suitable for sleeping. This cannot be said for a majority of people. Sleeping is such a challenge especially for long haul trips. If you also have the same issues and you don’t want to feel stressed out the moment you land, here are some tips to take into consideration.

Choose your side

It helps if you choose which side you are going to sit on when flying. If you love sleeping on your side, perhaps it is best taking a window seat. If you prefer sleeping flat on your back, being in the middle would help. Having a comfortable sitting position helps a lot in sleeping well when flying.

Wear comfortable clothes

You don’t need to wear pajamas on the plane but you can always wear something that is totally comfortable. We have different definitions of comfortable, so it is ultimately your choice on what makes you feel comfortable while sleeping. Take into consideration your movement when sleeping or the temperature inside the plane.

Bring that favorite pillow

Who cares if you are an adult who loves that funny-looking pillow to make you feel comfortable when flying? If it makes you sleep well, use it. There are also donut pillows and those that support the neck that you can use so you won’t have to move towards the side when sleeping. You also won’t suddenly snap your neck in the event of a severe turbulence or when you suddenly wake up.

Use a relaxing scent

You don’t know exactly what your seatmate would bring on the plane. Who knows if you are sitting next to someone with a smelly burger? It is important that you have your favorite scent to keep you relaxed. You don’t have to bring a bottle of perfume. Find one that can fit in a really small container such as lavender oil or rose oil just to calm you down.

Take advantage of your gadgets


Some people need to do something to make them fall asleep. Watching movies from your tablet or reading e-books would help. You may also listen to soothing music just so you forget that you are inside a plane. Don’t ever forget your earphones when flying or else it would be a disaster. Using these earphones will isolate you and make you feel as if you are in a totally different world.

Sleep on time

If you are flying a really long trip, make sure that you sleep exactly at the same time when you are sleeping back home. It does not matter what time zone you are heading to. This makes it easier for you to adjust once you arrive home. It also helps lessen the possibility of suffering from a jet lag.

Yes, sleeping while on the plane is such a difficult thing to do. However, you can always feel relaxed if you do the things you normally do to fall asleep on a regular basis.

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