Keep Traveling as a Vlogger and Not Worry about Making Ends Meet

Traveling Vlogger

If given a choice between going to work and traveling, you will definitely choose the latter. The only reason why you don’t is you can’t make ends meet. You have bills to pay and a family to feed. If you keep traveling, you won’t have enough financial resources. What if you can do both?

If you pursue travel vlogging, you can visit different places and make money at the same time. Many people have proven that it can be done. You can finally make your dream a reality and not worry about money.

Keep raking views

If you upload your videos on social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube, they can get monetized. Once you reach a certain number of views, you will start making money. The best part is if you reach hundreds upon thousands of views per vlog post, your earning can skyrocket. It’s how most people keep traveling. If they get back to their old job, they won’t earn the same amount. They’re better off vlogging and traveling.

You can get sponsorships

Get sponsorships

Another reason to vlog is to get sponsorships. Due to your popularity, companies will see you as an influencer. They won’t mind paying you money to promote their brand on your channel. It only takes a few seconds of plugging to make a good amount from the deal. Sure, you don’t want to dilute your brand, but you can always be creative. Find a way to insert the product promotion into your videos. You may also choose partners that are already aligned with your brand.

You will receive freebies

Apart from companies that offer money in exchange of promotion, others will offer freebies. For instance, you don’t have to worry about staying in a hotel since you can find hotels that will offer a room for free. As long as you feature the room in your vlog, you can get a deal. It also includes restaurants, airlines, and other tourism-related companies. Your trip is already paying for itself. Your primary earning from vlogging can go to your savings.

You can take a break whenever you want to

Sure, travel vlogging can be exciting. However, it can also be exhausting. Your trips won’t be private anymore. You have to document every part of the adventure since your followers are expecting you to do it. The good thing is you can save a sufficient amount that you won’t mind taking a break for a while. You can go on a private retreat or head back home quietly. When you’re ready to resume your travel vlogging, it’s possible. Your loyal audience will still be there.

It might be a risk to pursue this option, but you can do it. Plan your vlogs and determine what your niche will be. Look at existing vlogs and decide how you can stand out. It might take time to reach the desired number of views, but you will get there. Be patient and keep vlogging.

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