Crucial Information You Need to Know When Using Crowded Public Transportation

Crowded Public Transportation

In some big cities, public transportation sucks. During rush hours, you will feel like you are in the middle of a war zone. People rush to get inside a bus. If you are inside the train, you can barely move (or breathe). Despite that, you have no choice but to use public transport. If you are a tourist, you are trying to save money by using public transportation. It is also the fastest way to bring you to the attractions you wish to visit. These are some tips to help you navigate the places you are visiting when it is too crowded.

Know your route

You need to map out all the places you want to visit. You should know which train station to get in and get off so that you will not figure things out on the spot. You will also flow with the crowd instead of stopping in the middle when everyone is rushing. Planning also helps you determine the best time to visit the attractions. Not all stations are crowded at the same time, so you need to schedule your trip well.

Do not stand near the entrance

Whether you are taking the bus or train, you need to stand away from the door. It is where people come in and out all the time. If you stand too close, you will be pushed and shoved all the time. Stand in the middle since it is the most comfortable area in a crowded vehicle. It is also safe against thieves. No one will attempt to steal from you because if you notice it, that person could not easily escape.

Hold on to something

Hold on to something

It is not easy finding a sit during rush hours. You also need to offer your sit to those who are in need. Therefore, you need to find a spot where you can stand and be safe. Find a place with a pole or a handle that you can hold on to. Sometimes, these vehicles run too fast and if you cannot grab on to something, you will most likely fall. The brakes are also dizzying if you are not holding on to something. However, it is a terrible idea to lean on poles to balance yourself. You need to be considerate of other passengers since they also need to hold on to those poles.

Be vigilant

If you are bringing lots of valuable items with you, make sure you keep them close to you. Dont be too focused on playing games on your phone. Try moving your eyes around to see if someone is attempting to harm you. In some places, bombs are also a huge threat. Look around to see if there is unclaimed baggage and report it to authorities right away. If possible, do not bring a lot of things with you and just a small amount of cash.

It is irritating to be with a crowd since you are in the middle of people you do not even know. Since you have no choice, you just have to make the most of it.


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