Essential Tips for Solo Travelers on Your Next Trip

travelling alone

There are a lot of reasons for traveling alone. To begin with, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. You can visit the places that catch your interest without considering other people. You can hike on a countryside or just sit on a café bar for an entire day. The choice is yours and no one will tell you whether your idea of a holiday is crazy or not.

There is also heightened sense of adventure when you are traveling alone. You don’t know whom you can meet along the way. You can try things you have never tried before since you won’t fear embarrassing yourself. You can also immerse better in local cultures since you only focus on the experience and nothing else.

Most of all, this is a chance for self-discovery. You have more time to pause and just reflect. You only have yourself to rely on so you will figure out what to do. You will then realize skills that you never thought you knew. You will also explore more interests and feel more confident about yourself.

Sadly, there are risks that come with solo traveling. To begin with, you need to look out for your safety. You have to fend for yourself. No one else is there to help you out. Women in particular have to be extra careful. Take note that women don’t have the same rights and freedom in various parts of the world. Even women’s clothing has limitations depending on the country.

You might also feel a bit lonely especially if the trip lasts really long. You might have tried everything you need to do and your trip is not over yet. You end up staying in your hotel room and even then, you will feel lonely.

You can still make it

Even if there are some down sides in traveling alone, it is still something you should try even once. You can start by planning trips with a smaller and a more intimate group. Next time, you can travel with just one person. Ultimately, you can travel by yourself. Gradually filtering the people who will go with you on your trip prepares you for a solo travel later on.

Another tip is to look for nearby destinations first and travel just for a few days. This allows you to go back home if you feel unsafe or you are already bored. It is also easier to call for help if you know people around who can come to rescue you.

Let people know

On all your solo trips, make sure that the people who are closest to you know where you are. If they can’t contact you or if something happens to you, they will know immediately where to find. It is even better if you know someone in the area where you are heading just in case something goes wrong.

Save essential phone numbers

Save essential phone numbers

Before leaving, you need to save phone numbers of important people. Don’t just save them on your phone but also write them down in case you lose your phone. Include number of local police stations and hospitals. If you are traveling to another country and you have bumped into a major problem, it is best to locate your country’s embassy if any. You will at least get help once you have contacted your embassy.

With these tips, your next solo trip will be safe, fun and something to look forward to.

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