A Few Global Hotspots for Photographers

Tromse Norway

Photographs are meant to convey many things. Firstly, the image and moment itself and how it looked under a certain kind of light. Secondly, they’re also meant to convey emotion and ambiance all within 1 frame. While all places have picturesque villas, riversides, and forests, sometimes going to another part of the world might reveal something even more breath taking. Photographers who explore the world have a hard time capturing unique photogenic locales, but for a little inspiration, look through these gorgeous photo friendly destinations. To make this a little easier, I’ll split them into types of terrain..


Bled, Slovenia

Bled is unique to say the least and that’s because they’re situated in an impossibly picturesque valley. There are tall trees cresting upward across a mountain range. Closer to the lake is the large village of Bled. What makes this place so special is that in the center of the lake is the village church, separated like a small castle. Here’s how to get there.

Tromse, Norway

Norway is a haven for gorgeous round the year beauty, but if you want to see something special, then head to Tromse. The land itself is sort of barren, but the thing you want to chase after are the northern lights. Every photograper deserves to capture the phenomena just once, and Tromse isn’t too far from the photogenic locale and forests of Norway.

Soctra, Yemen

Asia has many different wonders on its own. China holds the Forbidden City, and then the Philippines have giant rice terraces. Yemen, however may trump all of its competitors in Asia because of the strange flora and fauna found on Soctra. The island is home to plants that grow nowhere else in the world but there. It’s an amazing sight, and the fact that the lighting is so good there is only a plus. However, travel to Soctra may get a little more complicated than you think.

Off the Beaten Path

Seychelles, Africa

Seychelles Africa

East Africa keeps tight lips about its secrets. In this case, it has kept the islands of Seychelles hidden away for a very long time. Photographers from around the world charter flights or boats from the mainland just to get to these isolated islands. What you have to know is that the place is worth the travel time. Each island feels almost independent of one another. They also share gorgeous white sands coupled with clear blue water making it a truly photogenic locale.


While there are established tours that head into the polar region, it’s still uncommon to see many people on these kinds of tours. However, since Antarctica is a winter wonderland, it would be a waste if you didn’t even try and take gorgeous photos of it. The cold weather will require you to get some special equipment, but the gorgeous dark waters will be worth the price of admission. Couple that with the wildlife that has managed to survive the extreme cold, and you also have numerous wildlife shoot opportunities.

San Ignacio, Baja California Sur, Mexico

There are certain places in the world where whales are welcome. These special cities and villages are usually very peaceful places, and San Ignacio is no different. Many old cultures actually took the time to draw upon the odd water formation. Driving a boat further out will eventually bring you to where the whales usually swim around.

Special Mention: Black Forest, Germany

Black Forest Germany

If you ever wanted to see where all those Grimm Tales are probably taking place, then you should totally go and take photos of the Black Forest. The trees which grow in the forest here are not very welcoming. Since they grow thicker and taller than most pines, they can block out the sun. So it isn’t hard to see why this forest may inspire more than a few scary stories. However, if you travel a little more, you’ll be able to see the Triberg falls, which is also almost in the middle of a forest.

Get your DSLR charged and your tripod packed because if you’re going on a shoot with a bunch of other photographers, you should totally check these places out. Be warned though; a lot of these places don’t have running electricity, so it will help to pack spare batteries. If you’re strapped for a little cash, then don’t worry. We’ve got a few tips to show you about cheaper travel.

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