Here Are The Friends That You Should Always Travel With. You’ll Have Amazing Photos with the First

Traveling Friends

It’s always nice to spend some time with your good friends. There’s good laugh that seems to take the stress away. However, when it comes to traveling, there are these types of friends that could make the journey a little more fun and enjoyable. Let’s find out more about them and see if any of your friends fall under these categories.

The Passionate Photographer

It’s almost automatic that taking pictures is part of traveling. After all, these photos would serve as keepsakes that would remind you of the places you’ve been and things you’ve experienced on your trips. Yes, there’s the tripod or monopod that you can use for having your pictures taken; however, it would still be better if someone’s willing to take your photos, especially if they are good at it. Not only the best moments will be captured, but you’ll also look great. I bet you’ll be excited to post them on Facebook and Twitter!

The Born Explorer

Reading Map

When in a new place, a map would be handy, that is if you know how to read it. Even though you know how to read a map, it could still be sometimes difficult to navigate an unfamiliar area. You can get to wherever it is you need to go to with the help of your explorer friend. Not only she knows how to read the map, but she wouldn’t have trouble finding the way to your destination. This friend also seems to have a photographic memory of the places that you’ve been to so it would be easier to go around the area.

The Adventurous Foodie

Foodie Friend

Aside from pictures, another common thing that’s often connected with travel is foods. If you want to have a true local experience, you must try their foods, especially those that you can only find there. The adventurous foodie is a friend who will be willing to try even those that you might be afraid to try yourself. If you’re not as adventurous, at least you can have this friend try the food first and wait for the verdict before you decide if you’ll dig in or not.

The Talkative Buddy

If you have this friend who can talk whole day long and seems to never run out of anything to say, you would be thankful for her because you would never be bored on those long flights, commute and walk. She should also have the ears to listen to what you have to say. After all, you’re in a new place and there’s an exciting experience ahead, so you also have much to share.

The Ms. Congeniality

Your people person friend would make your trip more enjoyable, especially if you’re traveling outside the country. Some people are not comfortable talking to strangers and if you’re that kind of person, you’ll thank your Ms. Congeniality friend for being with you. This friend instantly connects with everyone; it’s as if they’ve known each other for a long time. People will be nicer to you and it would be easier to meet new buddies with this type of friend around.

The Perfect Planner

There’s always this friend who’s obsessed about making things perfect that she plans carefully every single detail. This could be a huge help when traveling since you don’t have to worry about the flights, accommodations and itinerary as she’ll have everything covered. If plan A doesn’t work, don’t worry because she’ll always have plan B and even plan C.

Now that you read the different types of friends that you should bring when traveling, do you have some candidates in mind? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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