How to Avoid Messy and Chaotic Reunion Trips

Reunion Trips

You probably watched several comedy movies centered around friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time and decided to take a trip down memory lane. Reunion trips are always fun and memorable. However, like these movies, they can also be chaotic. People get involved in trouble because of the things they decided to do during the trip. If you’re going to meet with your old friends soon, these tips will help prevent messy stuff from happening. 

Organize the trip 

Organize the trip

When traveling, the key is to organize. It doesn’t matter what the nature of the trip is. If you plan on the spot, it’s where trouble happens. Take your time to decide where you will meet up with your friends and what you’re going to do. Make the necessary reservations months or weeks in advance and think of back up plans. 

Avoid being too nostalgic

There’s nothing wrong in visiting different places that meant a lot to you when you were younger. You also want to know how these places look now. Some of them might no longer be standing. However, you can’t be too carried away by your emotions. Otherwise, you will start doing crazy things just like you did when you were young. Things aren’t the same anymore and you will only get yourself in trouble if you start doing the wrong things.

Iron out your differences before heading to the destination 

It’s understandable if you didn’t have a good relationship with everyone in your circle. You even forgot about what happened after many years. You decided not to talk to each other and moved on. However, these issues might be brought up during your trip, and everything will be ruined. You keep throwing shade at each other or find ways to bring the other person down. You will also destroy everyone else’s mood. You waited for several years to make this trip a reality. Don’t do anything to ruin it. 

Don’t drink too much

Your goal is to bond with your friends and reminisce the past. There’s nothing wrong in having a few drinks and enjoying each other’s company. However, you can’t have too much to drink. You will start saying the wrong things or cause a scene. You won’t remember the fun trip, either. You don’t always meet this people, so it pays stay sober and bond with them.

Just enjoy the moment

It might take several years before you can gather everyone for a reunion adventure. You’re even lucky to still have the opportunity to meet again after a very long time. Enjoy whatever you have and don’t let crazy things destroy this chance. 

Next time, you can visit other places. You can even try going overseas. It’s also a good idea not to wait for many years before pursuing any plan. If someone is in town, gather the group and have a dinner. It doesn’t matter how many people show up. The goal is to be together and cherish the friendship while it’s there. 

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