Important Tips to Remember Before Heading to Bali


There is no doubt that Bali is such an amazing place to visit. It is one of the most popular destinations around the world. It is a place where lovers go to spend time with each other. Aside from the beaches, Bali has a lot more to offer. Hence, tourists visit Bali all-year round. If you are planning to go there soon, here are some tips to remember.

Don’t be tricked with their healthy drink options

Bali is in a tropical country. It is hot all the time, so you can expect cold beverages offered all the time. If you felt guilty after days of drinking alcohol, you might want to switch up and take healthier options. Before you get tricked to take fruit juices, remember that they use sugar syrups in Bali. It might look healthy, but it is not. You better tell not to put any sugar at all just to be safe.

Don’t shop at the first store you will find

Bali is also a great place when you want to shop. There are a lot of stunning souvenirs that you can take home. To avoid getting tricked when it comes to price, move around and ask about the prices of certain products. This allows you to find the store where the product is sold at the lowest price. Try to haggle as well.

Bali Shop

Always carry cash with you.

It is advised to carry cash when traveling in Bali. Most stores and stalls don’t accept cards. There are also not a lot of ATM’s in the area. This is true especially if you are venturing in nearby islands. You don’t want to end up getting short in cash when you really want to buy something.

Dress appropriately

It might be a beach but you are still in Indonesia. It is an Islamic country and people tend to be very conservative. People in Bali on the other hand follow Hinduism, but still, it is a conservative religion. When visiting temples and other religious areas, just dress respectably.

Consider hiring a car rental with a driver

Moving around the island can be a big problem as there are not a lot of transportation options. One of the best ways to get around is to just rent a car with a driver. This does not cost a lot. You can also ask to be brought to any place you want. When you are getting taxi or other options, you might have to wait some time and the cost is also really high.

Choose homestay as your accommodation option

Don’t stay in hotels as they can be very expensive especially in an island like Bali. Homestays will always be a great choice. Not only will you find a place to stay at a low cost, you also get the chance to mingle with the locals. You know more about local cultures.

Always buy purified water

You can’t trust tap water in Bali. You would not take the risk so you better buy bottled water all the time. You can easily find one in stores so it won’t be a problem.

Given these tips, you are now ready to head to Bali for an exciting trip.

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