Is a Trip Worth Pursuing if a 14-day Quarantine is Necessary?


It seems like a 14-day mandatory state quarantine is enforced in various countries across the world. It means that even if airports are open and flights are available, traveling isn’t too convenient. However, if you haven’t been to a different place in the past few months, you might want to consider this option. 

It might not be safe yet

If a country has a mandatory state quarantine requirement for all travelers, it means that there’s still a risk of infections. The government still fears the transmission of virus, and the enforced quarantine is the only way to stop more infections. Besides, you might also visit countries where local transmission is still high. You run the risk of getting infected even after surviving a 14-day quarantine. 

Most travel destinations are closed 

It’s pointless to travel when most places worth visiting aren’t operating yet. There’s nothing to do upon arrival. Others even have mandatory stay-at-home orders for locals. You won’t have the chance to see the beauty of these destinations even if flights are available. 

Current flights are mostly for repatriation 

Current flights

The only reason why some commercial planes are still operational is that governments have requested for the repatriation of nationals stuck in other countries. They would like to travel not for leisure, but to get back home. They wouldn’t mind going on a mandatory quarantine since they’re eventually going to their residences. You might find countries still accepting tourists right now, but you will be in flights along with nationals who have to be flown back home. 

Things will get better

To answer the question if it’s worth traveling at this time, it’s a big no. Given how inconvenient it is, you would rather stay home. You also don’t want to catch the virus when local transmission are still rapidly increasing in various countries. When traveling with family, it’s an even bigger risk. Children and seniors are susceptible to this disease, and taking them on a trip is a terrible idea. 

However, just like any other crises we’ve faced throughout history, we can get through this one. There will come a time when tourism will be back to life. There might be new norms for travelers, but they won’t be as inconvenient as the measures implemented right now. When that moment comes, nothing should stop you to be on the first flight to your chosen destination. 

Start with countries relying mostly on tourists for survival. Your presence is crucial on their path towards recovery. They would appreciate it if you decide to show up and participate in the economy. Local tourism might also be available first. Look for places nearby that are worth visiting when the pandemic is contained. 

Be patient and wait until things get back to where they were. For now, you can start planning your future trips. You have more opportunities to think about those travel plans now since you’re just at home. You even have more time to look for promotions and compare the options before making reservations. 

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