Having a Long Haul Flight with a Child? You Can Survive this Experience with these 10 Essential Travel Tips

Long Haul Flight

A long haul flight is not exciting. Who would want to endure several hours of flight sitting on the plane? The experience can even be more troublesome if traveling with toddlers! If it’s your first time having a trip with your tot or you’ve done it before, but you’re not thrilled about it, there are things that you can do to make the travel less stressful.

Book for a Good Flight Schedule

If you’re traveling alone, a cheaper flight may be your main priority; but not if you’re traveling with your little angel (who could turn into a little monster with a slight discomfort). To have a less taxing flight, find a good schedule. It’s best if you get one that’s within your kid’s bed time. Your flight will be more peaceful if your child is asleep.

Make Reservations in Advance

If you need to stay in a hotel, search for a kid friendly place to stay in advance. Make your reservations as well to make sure that the room is ready upon your arrival. Furthermore, have the hotel service pick you up at the airport, especially if it’s your first time in the city or country you’re visiting. This may incur extra charges, but it’s worth it with the convenience that you’ll get.

Pack Their Favorite Toy


Bringing their favorite toy would make kids happy. And if they’re happy, it’s less likely that they’ll have tantrums. Aside from their favorite toy,download games for kids that they can play on your tablet or mobile device. Save some videos of their favorite movies or shows as well, so you’ll have loads of other alternatives to keep them busy.

Let Them Wear Comfortable Clothes

Consider the weather when picking the clothes that your child would wear for your travel. An easy to wear layered clothing is a good option since you can remove the top layer if the weather is hot and put it back if it gets cold. Pack your kid’s favorite blanket as well, to keep him warm during the flight.

Bring Snacks and Bottled Water

Aside from boredom, another thing that could start children’s tantrum is hunger. Pack some healthy snacks for them to enjoy. Bring bottled water too to keep them hydrated. Foods at the airport lounge can be very expensive. So packing your snacks and drinks can save you several dollars.

Pack Sanitizers, Wipes and Medicines

You know how kids can get themselves and even yourself dirty. Wipes and sanitizers would be helpful to keep them clean. Medicines are also important. You want them to take the right medication immediately in case they feel ill. Medicines for fever, headache and tummy ache are some of the basics that you must have.

Use a Child Locator

It’s good toinvest in a child locator, especially kids love to explore places, which make them prone to getting lost. This equipment is not only useful in airports, but anywhere you go. There’s a small device that you can attach to your child’s clothing that allows you to track him in case he gets lost. You’ll have the transmitter with you, which you can use to set off the alarm.

Go to the Airport Early

Kids have little feet and they don’t move as fast as you do. Take this into consideration when traveling. This is why it’s recommended that you go to the airport early to avoid missing your flight. It would take longer to go there if you’re carrying a tot with you than if traveling by yourself.

Board Early

When you hear the announcement asking passengers with kids to board, do so. By boarding early, you’ll give them a chance to adjust to the surroundings. Let them walk around while there are not many passengers yet. You don’t want them to do this when all passengers are in as they may find it bothersome.

Get a Sit at the Back of the Plane

This is the best area if you’re travelling with a little kid. You’ll have more space and you’ll also avoid bothering many passengers as you may need to take several trips to the bathroom within the flight. Aside from being close to the bathroom, it’s also easier to get the assistance of a flight attendant if you need to.

The thought of a long travel with a little kid can be scary. But if you have no other choice but to do it,these tips can help you survive.

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