Norway is Now the Happiest Country in the World. Here’s Why.


For years now, Norway has always been on the list of the happiest countries in the world. Denmark has always been on top though. In 2017, Norway has finally unseated Denmark and was hailed as the happiest country in the world.
There are a lot of reasons why the people in this country are deemed happy. These standards were calculated to determine which country would rise on top of the list. Here are some possible reasons why Norway ranked the highest on the list.


For people to be happy, the country must have a thriving economy. This boosts the budget of the government and also allows people to be provided better services. Norway’s economy is not just doing well, it is superb. They have rich oil and gas sources, making them a really rich country. Most countries have a deficit as they tend to borrow money from international funds. Norway on the other hand has surplus.

Employment opportunities

Norway Unemployment

People will also be happy if they have jobs and a stable source of livelihood. In Norway, not only the government has the ability to provide high paying jobs, private sectors are also pulling their share. The country is highly industrialized, with a strong work force. The wage gap is not as high as other countries. Hence, workers of all sorts are motivated to do their job.

Welfare state

In most countries especially in the USA, being branded as a welfare state is a bad thing. In Norway, it is something positive. Almost all services are for free, including health and education. It is offset by high taxes, but people are satisfied of this system.

No corruption in the government

Corruption is usually the root of all evils in many countries. The reason why they are not moving forward is because there is someone on top who is only after self-interest. Imagine a country like Norway where the head of state is corrupt. It will be a total mess. The good thing is that Norway is also ranked really high on the list of the least corrupt countries in the world. As a result, wealth is distributed properly to the people where it rightfully belongs.

Personal freedom

Norway is one of the most progressive nations in the world. They are very tolerant. Regardless of your sex, race or religion, you will be welcomed in Norway. People value freedom, but they also follow the laws.

Norway is also one of the leaders when it comes to environmental protection. They have also taken the lead when it comes to alternative energy. As a result, the country’s natural resources are well-protected. Most of all, there are lots of stunning places for you to visit in the country. This includes ice hotels, the Northern lights, waterfalls, ancient churches and a whole lot more. You will feel totally relaxed when you are in Norway.
Considering all these factors, there is no wonder why Norwegians are really happy. They will most likely continue the lead if these standards remain.

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