Reasons for Exploring St. Helena Despite Its Location

Exploring St. Helena

If you haven’t heard of Saint Helena before, you’re not the only one. This remote island is situated in the middle of the south Atlantic Ocean. It’s home to 4,500 people and is only accessible via the Royal Mail Ship. If you want to visit a place that only a few people have been to, this is the perfect choice for you. Apart from the excitement that comes with the idea of visiting a remote location, these are the other reasons for doing it. 

It’s a unique island

unique island

This tropical island is also a volcanic island sitting in the middle of an ocean. There’s nothing else around it. It’s not the regular island you would want to visit for a weekend getaway. Africa is the nearest continent from it, and it’s 1,000 miles away. It’s also a very tiny island, but still inhabited by thousands of locals. Visiting there is like taking a walk in the past. It’s a unique experience, and an adventure worth the risk. 

There are plenty of activities to try

When you go to the island, you can have boat trips and explore the area. You can also watch dolphins. Scuba diving and snorkeling are among the other popular activities. Given its location, you can expect the waters to be in pristine condition. If you’re into a historical adventure, the island has many shipwrecks to explore. You can check them out, but be sure to have a guide. Trailing is also another popular activity. You can even meet with the locals if you decide to tour around the tiny island. If you’re staying there for a few days, the place has a lot in store for you and you will never get bored. 

The weather is perfect

If you’re looking for a place with a year-round perfect weather, St. Helena is right for you. It sits between 70-80 F, and ideal for escaping the northern winter. However, be warned that the weather somewhat changes depending on where you are in the island. If you’re in the deep valleys, it can be sunny. Once you go up hill, it can be a bit misty. You will experience changes in weather condition within a few minutes of hiking.

An opportunity to sail using the Royal Mail Ship

Having the opportunity to be in the Royal Mail Ship is like being a part of history. St. Helena is a British overseas territory, so it’s still served by the RMS. It travels to the remote island every three weeks from Cape Town. It brings essential goods and mails. It’s also a way out for people who live in the area. It takes five days to sail, and it’s already an adventure in itself. The experienced staff on board makes the journey even more exciting. You will also feel safe even if you’re heading to a remote location.

It’s a piece of history

You might wonder why St. Helena even exists. Who would someone ever want to stay there? A French general named Napoleon Bonaparte, someone history buffs are probably familiar of, got exiled to the island after his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo. The people in the island are mostly his descendants. For history buffs, you can also visit the house where he lived. Another exciting location is the Boer War cemetery where the prisoners were buried since they didn’t have the chance to come back home. The Jamestown museum is also a must-visit. Apart from the historical significance, it’s also the best location to have a fantastic overview of the island.

Try exotic dishes

Living in a remote island is probably laidback and uneventful. Therefore, people have more time in their hands. Cooking exotic dishes is something that keeps them busy. Some locals even managed to keep old recipes alive. Among the dishes you have to try are their version of the black pudding, fish cakes, and the famous St. Helena coffee.

Given these reasons, this island should be next on your bucket list.

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