Reasons for Including Asheville, North Carolina on Your Bucket List


If you’re planning a trip soon, you should consider heading to Asheville, North Carolina. This hidden gem is one of the best places in the South. Located in the mountainous regions of the state, Asheville has a lot to offer. Here are more reasons to visit it now.

Go to the largest private home in the US

If you’ve heard of the Vanderbilt family, they’re probably synonymous to wealth in the past. With the amount of wealth amassed over the years, they managed to create the largest private home in the US. Now, the historic Biltmore estate is open for everyone to see. This 178,000-square-foot majestic beauty is a popular destination that over a million people visit each year. From lavish decorations to stunning architecture, it’s worth seeing. Designs also change depending on the time of the year. It’s best to visit the place during Christmas, but it can be pricier.

Explore the art district

Asheville is popular for being home to modern artists. The heart of the city is like a big museum. There are works of art everywhere you look. You can also see glassblowers in action or jewelry creators. Ceramics, sculptures and paintings also abound in local restaurants and tourist destinations. While you can find interesting museums and art galleries in the city, you don’t need to enter one to appreciate works of art.

See the Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge Mountains

The Blue Ridge Mountains surround the city. You can enjoy the mountains from various points. You may also visit the Grove Park Inn. The best time to visit Asheville is the fall season when you want to see tons of falling leaves across the mountains.

Go brewery shopping

The city is home to over 30 breweries. If you want to hop from one brewery to another, Asheville is right for you. From major brands to local breweries, the city has a lot to offer. Since these breweries are in the city, you will find experimental flavors. Before they’re out to the public, you can have the chance to taste them.

The music scene is amazing

Arts is at the heart of Asheville, and it includes music. You will find tons of music venues in the city, including amphitheaters and clubs. It’s also home to several musicians like the Band of Horses and Steep Canyon Rangers.

Just heal yourself

If there’s a place where you can unwind and forget the complexities of life, it’s Asheville. The city is breathtaking and peaceful. You will find many retreat sites. You don’t need to pack your schedule when exploring the city. Take your time to relax and appreciate the beauty and bounty of nature.

With these reasons, Asheville should be on your bucket list. Start by browsing the photos of people who have been there before. You will realize why it’s such a stunning destination. It’s also perfect for solo or family trips. If you want a more adventurous trip with friends, you will find options too.

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