Reasons Why People are Fascinated with Iceland


Iceland is quite remote but still people from all over the world go out of their way just to reach this lovely country. There are a lot of reasons why Iceland is such a popular destination. In fact, it is growing as one of the best travel destinations in Europe. Here are some more reasons why you should pay Iceland a visit.

Snow is around all-year round

The good thing about Iceland is that it is really about ice. Regardless of the time of the year that you visit, you will still see snow. Even during the summer, you can find areas where it is really cold. The temperature is a bit higher, but it is still way colder than many other places in the world. Therefore, if you are hoping to wear your fur coat or take a selfie with snowmobiles, you can make it happen when you visit Iceland.

Geothermal baths are amazing

Geothermal baths Iceland

One of the biggest reasons for visiting Iceland is taking a dip at its hot springs. The Blue Lagoon and Fontana Baths are among the most popular destinations. Even if you don’t go outdoors, lots of hotels offer bubbling waters. Considering the freezing temperatures in the country, it would be a unique experience bathing in the hot springs.

Go surfing

When it comes to surfing. Iceland is not necessarily your first choice. However, during the summer, Iceland is actually one of the best places for surfing. The Arctic Sea offers some cool waves that could make your surfing adventure more exciting. There are also some bays that are not too crowded but still very accessible. Go solo surfing while you’re there.

Take a look at the wildlife

When it comes to wildlife, Iceland is definitely a must visit. Considering its unique environment, a lot of animals thrive there. You should not miss the puffin as the country hosts the largest colony of this orange-beaked birds. They also love some sunshine though so you better see them during the summer.

All-night parties

Of all places, a really cold country is a place where you won’t think about partying all night. The truth is that locals really love to party so you can always join the fun. One of the main reasons is that during the summer months, Iceland has almost 21 hours to see the sun. The sun literally doesn’t set normally so you can have party all night as it doesn’t seem like night time at all. Not all bars open 24 hours but at least you can socialize even in your hotel without worrying about an empty place.

Low crime rate

Iceland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Even the smallest crimes in the country could reach the national news. This is how seriously they deal with crimes. Therefore, safety is never your concern if you visit Iceland.

Given all these reasons, nothing should stop you from visiting Iceland. It is a perfect destination and you will definitely love staying there for a long time. Now you understand why despite its location, it is still a popular tourist destination.

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