Reasons Why Traveling Changes Your View of Different Cultures and Races

Culture and Races

Stereotypes are terrible, but most people like confining everyone in certain boxes. Once we already made judgments, it would be difficult changing our views. Hence, it makes sense if you decide to travel to other places. It’s the best way to alter your views about culture and races. You will realize that your stereotypes are incorrect. These are the other reasons why traveling can change your views. 

Your view of other cultures is limited 

You will meet new friends

The way you judge other groups depends on how they’re portrayed by the media. It adheres to the media dependency theory. When you have no exposure to other culture or race, your view is shaped by what the media tells you. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong or the media is wrong. It’s just that you don’t have sufficient sources of information to change your view of reality. 

You can disprove what you see online

At a time when it’s easy to spread fake information online, you might believe something about other cultures that holds no truth at all. The only way for you to disprove the information online is by traveling to other places. You will finally see people’s way of life. The information spread online could be born out of racism and hatred. When you find the truth, you can also help spread it to other people. 

You will meet new friends 

Having new friends could change your views. You won’t call them friends if you didn’t like being around them. If some cultures are stereotyped as rude, you can disprove it. If people think some races are unhygienic and uncultured, your friends will show otherwise. Your experience will change your views of others, and it’s a good thing. You can inspire your family and friends to also change their views. 

You will see places not shown in the media

It’s unfortunate that some places are depicted negatively. For instance, if you think of some cities, you immediately think about terrorism. For other places, it’s about rampant theft and murder. While it may be true, it’s not correct for all areas within the same country. You might be surprised to find out that there are other places that don’t fit the narrative. Even war-torn areas have a lot of beautiful towns where people live a normal life. You will only have a chance to see the reality if you visit these places.

Hopefully, you will have the chance to travel more and explore the world. Don’t allow yourself to be dictated by the media on what to believe. Besides, traveling is fun. You don’t need to intentionally research about other people’s cultures. You will have an organic experience and realize new things when you get back home. As you explore more places, your ideas will widen and you will be more accepting of people from different backgrounds. Now might not be the best time to travel due to the pandemic, but when things get back to normal, you have to travel to as many places as you can.

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