Sister Goals: Travelling With Your Sister May Be One Of The Best Things You Can Ever Experience In This Lifetime


Your sister. Love her or hate her — it really doesn’t matter! She can be very sweet this minute and a cry baby the next but you know what? She can be the best travel buddy you could ever have!

We often travel alone or with friends and our partners but have you considered travelling with your sister? Talk about sister goals! Here are reasons why you should consider tagging your sister along in your next big adventure!

This could be a quality bonding time for both of you

We often refer to our sisters as people who know us very well but there are things that are yet to be discovered. Either of you can be so busy with work, school or your own families that you rarely bond in person or might even know each other’s activities only through Facebook. This could be the perfect time to talk update and know more about each other while relaxing and enjoying your vacation away from social media.

Your parents won’t worry too much

When we travel with friends, especially when you are single and still living with your parents, expect a long list of questions before they actually allow you to go. And even if they did, be ready for calls and texts every now and then. But if you travel with your sister, mom and dad will be confident that both of you can look after each other and they might give you extra pocket money, just in case.

You can exchange wardrobe, accessories and make ups


One of the best things about having a sister is that if you didn’t bring enough, you can use her stuff. But don’t forget to share yours too! You can mix and match your clothes and accessories and be each other’s makeup artist and hair stylist!

You can be yourself

Probably the best part of this trip is that you can be yourself in front of your sister. After all, you know each other’s flaws and insecurities; you can eat to our heart’s content without being judged. You can be your silly and playful self with her. It makes this trip more fun and memorable! At the hotel, you can sing in the shower, watch what you want and even pick the side of the bed who want to sleep in or you can share the bed, just like the old times!

You can count on her to take the best photos of you

Of course, the trip won’t be complete without the unlimited photos! Photos are memories preserved that will last a lifetime! And your sister will definitely know the perfect angle, perfect background and perfect spot for your next profile picture! And you know how to take the perfect photo of her too! Don’t forget to take your gorgeous selfies!

Yes, travelling alone can be exciting but seeing the world can be more fun if you travel it with people who are so close to your heart. There is so much more to this world to discover and enjoy. God is so good that He can make you experience and see the world with your sister. Others can only dream of this, for they don’t have a sister to share the travel bliss. Travel with your sister when you still have time, make memories that will last a lifetime!

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Featured and 1st image By D. Sharon Pruitt from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, USA [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

2nd image by Daisuke Yano (_YAN2205) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons