Things to Avoid Getting Scammed Abroad

Scammed Abroad

It doesn’t matter where you go. You will always encounter people who will try to scam you. They make a living out of tourists who seem to not know what’s going on or could speak the local language. Some of them have been doing the operation for a while, so they know exactly what to do. Even though these people will try to scam you, it’s still possible to escape them.

The good Samaritan

The good Samaritan

There are people who seem to be nice when in fact they already have terrible plans. For instance, they help you put your things on the overhead cabin of buses. You thought these people are there to help you. The reality is that they might try to pass your bags to someone in front and that person will run away with your things. Another possibility is to help you put your things up and while you’re doing it, someone will steal your wallet from your back pocket. To avoid these terrible things from happening, you need to keep your things with you all the time. You also have to refuse help if you know that you can do things without anyone’s help.

The fake official

You feel confident when there are security officials around. You know that you can come to them when you need help. The problem is that in some countries, there are people who pretend to be officials. The reality is that they’re not real authorities and they could scam you. For instance, when you’re already seated on a bus or train, you will be asked to show your ticket and be told that you’re in the wrong place. You can only stay where you are when you decide to pay. Since there’s no other spot left, you have no choice but to accept the offer. Later, you show the same ticket to the actual transportation official and you’re told that you have the right one. To avoid it from happening, you have to ask anyone connected with the bus or train if you’re taking the right vehicle and in the right area. Another option is to buy more expensive tickets to guarantee your spot.

Fake money

There are countries where you could lose your money after using cash for payment. You will be told that you gave incorrect money even if you gave the right one. The truth is that after your payment, your money was switched with a similar looking currency. To avoid it from happening, you have to be familiar of the currencies. Don’t lose sight of your money up until you receive your change.

When using your card, you could also be in trouble. In Europe, there are ATM scams all over the place. If you use these machines to withdraw money, you will be asked to pay a lot of charges on top of the terrible exchange rate. Use credit cards for payment instead so you don’t need to withdraw cash from these machines. Bring enough cash with you too if you happen to be in an establishment that doesn’t accept credit cards.

Bad people are everywhere, but you can always find a way to defend yourself against them.

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