Things to Do When You Failed to Catch Your Ride

Catching Ride

It’s unfortunate if you failed to catch your ride because of traffic or other reasons. You already purchased a ticket and you couldn’t use it anymore after missing that ride. Whether it’s a public bus or train, it’s frustrating if you couldn’t make it. Before you panic, these are the things you need to do.

Go to the nearest counter

Go to the nearest counter

You can ask the nearest counter if you can get a refund for the ticket that you didn’t use. It’s possible for you to reimburse the ticket or use it for the next trip. You’re lucky if this policy exists. In most cases though, you have no choice since your ticket is already forfeited. You just have to accept what happened and learn from the experience.

Find the next possible trip

You will feel relieved if there’s a next trip after a few minutes. Buy the ticket and forget about the missed ride. The goal is to reach your next destination. Even if you have to pay again to make it there, it’s not a big deal. You would rather do it than not arriving at all. You can check other service providers if they have a scheduled trip soon. 

Look for a nearby hotel

If the next trip is several hours away, you can look for a nearby hotel. You can ask the information desk to help you find a place to stay for the night. You can’t stay in a public transportation station since it’s less safe than in a local hotel. You would also have enough time to rest. If you’re traveling with your kids, you can recharge before traveling again.

Contact someone you know 

It helps to contact someone you know who lives in the area so you can call for help when needed. You can call that person as soon as you missed your trip. You can ask for the best option and hope that you will be allowed to stay for the night

Change your plans

If the next trip is still hours or even days ahead, you might have to change your plans. There are other locations that you can visit. You can also transit to another place and catch the next trip to your destination from there. 

Don’t panic 

You’re in a stressful situation right now, but it’s okay. You can’t allow yourself to be under immense stress. Panicking doesn’t help. Relax and be optimistic. You will eventually get out of that station and head to your next destination. Don’t forget to enjoy the experience. It might be stressful, but it’s unique. Try to laugh at yourself and how things didn’t turn out according to plans.

Learn from this experience and try to be earlier next time. You already know how much time it takes to go from one place to another. You can also use it as a teachable moment for your kids if they caused the delay. Tell them to move faster next time so you won’t miss your ride again. 

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