Things You Need to Remember Before Visiting Cambodia


There’s no doubt that Cambodia is one of the most under-appreciated countries in Southeast Asia. It’s home to the Angkor Wat, and also features some of the most breathtaking sceneries. Therefore, if you intend to discover other countries in the region apart from the famous Thailand, you can consider going to Cambodia. Before doing so, these are a few things you need to remember

It’s a dominant Buddhist country

Cambodia is a country where majority of the people follow Buddhism. It means that you have to be respectful of their religious beliefs and practices. Although most people are non-confrontational, you might offend them if you decide to wear vulgar clothing in public. Make sure that you dress appropriately especially when visiting religious places. Yes, it’s a tropical country, and summers can be scorching, but it doesn’t mean you have to wear almost nothing. 

Greet everyone with a smile

Cambodians are welcoming and warm. They will greet you and be nice to you even when you’re a foreigner. You can learn their traditional way of greeting people. It’s similar to the practice of Thailand. It’s a polite way of greeting people you just met, or anyone of higher stature than you. 

Keep your cool

Cambodians are generally warm and loving people. They’re also calm and collected. Therefore, if you shout at them when you’re frustrated, it gets you nowhere. You have to be diplomatic when talking to service crew and raise your concerns with a calm voice. Cambodians usually stay away from fights, but might fight back if provoked. 

Don’t easily trust tuktuk drivers

Tuk tuk is a popular mode of public transportation in the country. It can get you to different places. The good thing is that some drivers have been around for a long time, and they know the area. You can inform them about where you intend to go, and you will be there as expected. However, not all drivers are familiar of the destination. It’s best to figure out the route using your phone in case you get lost. You also have to ask the driver how much you’re paying so that you won’t be asked to pay s lot. Given the language barrier, you might have a hard time explaining yourself. You need to clarify the agreement before leaving. 

Learn to haggle 

Haggling is common in Cambodian markets and in other shops. You can learn a few basic words to charm your way out. The sellers might give you a good price if you can speak a few words. However, you can’t be too pushy. You need to use a calm voice and smile while haggling. 

Cambodians are generally nice and the country has a lot to offer. Although there are a few things to prepare for, you can do them with ease. Research more about the country before heading there. Pack the right amount of clothes and plan your trip well. Identify how you will get from one place to another. Finalize your reservations before your flight and everything will end well.

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