Things to Know Before You Visit Cambodia


Cambodia is one of the best countries to visit due to its historical significance. It also feels like you’re walking back in time considering the architectural styles. If you intend to visit Cambodia, you shouldn’t miss the Angkor Wat. You also need to discover the majestic rural cities by biking or hiking. The locals are warm and accommodating. You will immediately feel at home as soon as you set foot in the country. Before doing so, these are some of the crucial tips to remember.

The country is Buddhist


Buddhism is strictly adhered to in the country. It means that when you’re in public, you shouldn’t wear a bikini top or skimpy shorts. You need to cover up, especially when visiting temples. You need to wear long skirt or anything that falls below the knees. You also need to pay respect and observe silence when you are inside places of worship.

People always smile

This country has lovely people and they will smile at you all the time. Although it’s a good thing, it could be confusing. Sometimes, people smile not because they understood what you said, but because they don’t know how to react. Just be polite and try to smile back.

Remain calm

Anger has no place in this country. Shouting at someone or raising your voice to another person is an embarrassment. The person you’re talking to could direct anger towards you and the problem could quickly escalate. Therefore, you need to stay calm and try your best to explain the situation.

Always turn your GPS on

Public transportation like tuktuk is common in Cambodia. It’s easy for you to use one wherever you go. The problem is that communication could be a problem when you’re talking to the drivers. Therefore, you need to turn your GPS on so that you can guide the driver. Don’t expect the driver to understand where you’re going by pointing it on the map.

You can negotiate the price

Haggling skills are crucial in Cambodia. You need to learn how to haggle because most of the prices are not fixed. It’s also common even for public transportation. The secret is to agree on the price and haggle before riding one. Otherwise, you will end up in trouble.

You can use American dollars

Although the country has a local currency called riel, American dollars are widely used. Make sure that you always have small bills since you can’t expect to receive a change when using large bills in paying the tuktuk. You also need to keep the money in your wallet so it remains crisp.

Always be on time

You need to wake up early and stay on time. It’s important for Cambodians to always be on time. You can also find several places to be overcrowded if you wake up late. Therefore, if you need to visit all the tourist attractions, you have to be an early bird.

Now that you know these tips, it’s time for you to pursue your trip in Cambodia.

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